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Continuous calf injury

Hi all

I am feeling very demotivated as I started C25K months and months ago and got as far as W2R2 twice and on both occasions tore my left calf muscle. I had to have complete rest for months with physio etc., I am now at the stage where I have stopped physio, not going to the gym or anything and am now, back to being a complete couch potatoe. I am not sure how to start back or if my calf will hold up.

Should I go to the gym and build up strength/muscles or should I bite the bullet and go back to W1R1. I don't understand why my muscle keeps giving in.

Any help or suggestions would be very welcome.

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We are in the same boat injury and age wise. I think I responded to a post of yours back in July!

I still consider my self to be on the C25K journey ..although its probably going to take me years rather than months or weeks cos my body keeps on letting me down. Currently I'm on a walking "programme" to build up my leg strength and stamina:

I have a large dog which I have to take for a long walk pretty much every day ... I aim to walk 5k each time. I try to mix up which shoes I wear (trainers, walking boots or wellies) the idea being that my muscles will get a slightly different workout each time and get strengthened evenly. Some days I run/walk in short intervals (30s/2 min) some days I walk as briskly as I can. Other times I seek a hilly route. Sometimes (if there's no one around) i act like I work in the ministry of silly walks! In short I mix it up. I also try to mix up which kind of surface I walk one

I think starting with a little bit of everything is probably the best way to avoid injury.


Thank you very much for your response. I will definately try the walks in different shoes etc.. sounds good. I have also got heel raises. I am starting to wonder if it is my running shoes and will try out nornal trainers when I get going again.

I will keep you posted. :)


I'm not sure if this is similar to your problems but I had shin splints in 2008. This is basically lots of small tears in the leg muscles and I couldn't do much for a while. I went to a chiropractor who beat the hell out of my legs for a few weeks. She advised me to go to a special sportswear shop who examined the way I jogged so they could give me the best kind of footwear and then she drew up a stretching and exercise plan for first running on soft ground to strengthen up my muscles. I followed all this and a few months later won a medal playing volleyball so fantastic results!


Hi Ross

Thanks for your response. I have had my running style "diagnosed". I am apparently a "mild supinator" and have the appropriate trainers for this. I am really wondering if they got it wrong. I am going to try a little of everything but start slowly and build up from there. Hopefully I will get there in the end. :)


I think it would be worth having your gait analysis done again, it won't do any harm anyway.

Didn't your physio suggest a program for getting back into running gently and avoiding injury ? Can you go back and specifically ask for such a program ?

I think mixing up your exercise is a good idea. When I hurt my hip, I used the cross trainer when I couldn't run - it's a good workout but without the impact you get when running and should help build up some leg strength before you run. It's also worth doing some strength training and core workouts at the gym. You might also benefit from using a foam roller - they are a bit tricky to use to start with but are good for stretching your muscles pre-run and in between running days. I think yoga helps as well - good for core strength and flexible and a nice way to stretch those muscles on non-running days.

Compression socks may help too, both while running and for recovery afterwards.

Good luck !


Hello there. I have e-mailed my physiotherapist and waiting to hear from her. I have "tubigrips" to put on but didn't think I could wear them when exercising. I also have heel raises. I think "little steps" and lots of variation to start!!!

Thank you all for your comments, I will keep you posted regarding my progress.


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