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Update 2 from the IC


8wks ago...

Knee: OW OW don’t even expect to walk comfortably.

4wks ago

Knee: OW OW no change.. blah blah.

Brain: But you have been to the dr & are doing physio- shape up knee!

Back: MWHAHAHA! I will join in this game.

Brain: Aargh! This body is a crock. Any better bodies needing a brain?? I could change home like a hermit crab...

..physio...physio...cycle cycle more physio & cycle blah blah.

Knee: Ok, I’ll stop hurting when we’re walking, although I’ll bite you now & then to prevent brain getting running ideas.

Back: Suppose I have to improve too.

Knee: Ok I will run for 3m

Physio... cycle...

Knee: 15m

Physio etc blah blah

Back: Can I just grumble some days a bit???

Brain: Sigh

Knee: W1R1 on wonderful Cornish footpath, just before going home.

Brain: Yaaaay! Proceed with caution!😃😃😃

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Keep up those exercises Elfe5. I had a very similar journey earlier in the year, all ok now but it took four months of daily exercises, with no running and regular physio. Then just short flat runs etc. I decided my challenge for everyday of the following two months was to run (slowly), or walk at pace...at least 3k every day. As it went on I found my knees allowed me to stretch out the runs. All good now.

You have done brilliantly, stay patient and watchful 🏃🏽‍♀️

Elfe5Graduate in reply to Millsie-J

That’s great advice thanks Millsie- I have also been told that I must keep cycling. Creeping back cautiously (however long it takes) is SO much better than no running. 😃

Yay Elfe! Slow and steady. You will get there. Gorgeous photo too. 😊

Elfe5Graduate in reply to owmeknees

Thank you- even a titchy bit of running is wonderful! 😃

Well done for listening to your noisy body! But now it’s thanking you for doing so, and it’s telling you that it’ll quieten down as long as you listen to it when it needs to tell you something in the future! 😀😀👍🏻👍🏻👏👏

Elfe5Graduate in reply to cheekychipmunks

Listening carefully! 😃


So spooky i was just thinking of you this morning & wondering how that knee was doing 😊loving the post!! & your diligence in recovery, you are a perfect example of patience & not giving up!! Infact ive struggled this last few weeks too & went for a run /walk last week & i was disappointed as fitness soon goes !! & i only managed about 10mins running though walked 5.5km. Sometimes life just gets in the way, hols, aches & pains in joints!! However Elfie5 you have spurred me on to get back out there & keep on trying no matter how long it takes me to get to that 30mins running!!👍😊

Elfe5Graduate in reply to Pc59

Hi there Pc59, thanks for the encouragement. We will get there together. ( Can you hear the spurs clanking? 😂)

10mins & the walking is so much better than the couch - you can do it! I suspect, with all of your gardening and walking, that you are fitter than you think.

I have come to the conclusion that maintaining fitness is the way to go at my age - and feel so much better for keeping on with it. 😀


😂 love this Elfe5 ...there’s lots of chatting going on in there but at least you have the sense to listen...patience is a virtue

Elfe5Graduate in reply to Mummycav

Thank you Mummycav. I think being able to cycle kept me sane. I was thinking of you on your long drive to Paris - we’ve just had an 8hr drive from Cornwall. Xx 😀

Coming back from injury is always scary and full of apprehension. But it sounds good Elfe. This WILL get better and you'll be running your little socks off in good time. You've been patient which is the number one virtue for any runner I reckon. Has your physio suggested running in the pool? That's a great low impact exercise.

Lovely photo btw 🙂

Elfe5Graduate in reply to Irishprincess

Hi Irishprincess, I hadn’t thought of that - good idea thanks. My dr said I must keep on cycling to maintain muscle strength around the knee & told me which knee exercises to do (& to avoid the weight bearing ones for now). Also to not run for more than 5 mins initially.

Yes return after injury is nervous making, I’ll just take my time & listen to my body. 😀

IrishprincessGraduate in reply to Elfe5

Yes, cycling and jogging in the pool was recommended to my husband when he had a knee replacement last year. Listening to your body is the best way forward 🙂

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