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Jogging after cruciate ligament tear? Anyone?

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Hi everyone

Been a long time since i've posted.

I had a partial tear to my cruciate ligament back in May and since then I have suffered 2 further setbacks where just by walking about it appears to have torn further. Apparently the thinking is that it is now completely torn. The good thing is I am not in pain now.

I just wondered if anyone has been able to get back to jogging again after such an injury and without surgery? And if so how long did it take you, how did you get on and any tips etc etc?

I am no longer with a physio as didn't feel it was useful at all after 6 months of going. I was ok'd to use an exercise bike but told to avoid swimming and cross traine.

Just wanted some hope for the future really as I really miss a gentle jog.

Thanks very much! :)

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Hi SuperMouse, sorry I have no advice I can give you but I would like to say that is very good to have you back here and I hope you can get back to it.

All I can think of is all those footballers you hear that damage that part (Michael Owen springs to mind) and they got back to it, so I’ve got everything crossed for you x

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SuperMouseGraduate in reply to TailChaser

Thanks TailChaser. Just really miss it. Not had surgery as was told it is not offered routinely and most people (apart from young, elite sports people) can normally mange without. (Not sure what the physio was trying to tell me! :P lol I just hope I can get it back even a tiny bit. Thanks for your reply. Hope all is going good with you though! :)

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You’ll be back for sure... just don’t be rushing it. My dad did his Achilles this year and that was 12 weeks to heal and get back to walking normally... not sure of the timeline with cruciate ligaments, that would need medical advice, and we are all different... I’d certainly advise a physio, preferably sports one, to assess and advise you once the initial healing is done.

Hope it all goes smoothly and you’re back here to tell us about that first comeback run as soon as you get the go ahead.

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SuperMouseGraduate in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks UnfitNoMore. No, I'm not at the stage to start jogging yet (its been a long and painful and very frustrating journey so far). That's a good idea to seek advice from a sports physio I might well do that for a one off assessment, thanks. Fingers crossed I will be back jogging and can post again in the future. Thanks for your reply! :)

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to SuperMouse

No worries... keep up any upper body work you can, maintaining a good level of general fitness will only help your comeback. Have a great evening and a happy new year.

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