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Any tips for keeping motivated?

I'm finding this incredibly dull and am Struggling to get out there. Im a bit behind schedule and am due my week 4 run 1 today. I know its meant to be "run then have a day off" but ive missed the odd day and had a couple of days off between runs through one reason or another but have done each run til now.

I'm not really struggling with the runs so much..just the motivation to go and do them.

I live 1 road away from where I work and am conscious of being seen by colleague's (there are hundreds of people where I work and im well known) so i tend to run when its getting dark..which is when im knackered.

Morning runs aren't an option as I'm no good in the morning.

I don't want to admit defeat but I'm not enjoying it enough to commit to the schedule.. if that makes sense.

Any advice before I throw in the trainers 😞

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Don't give up - you've done brilliant to get to here😊

Think about why you started - and what your aims were - do you still want them. Fitting it into life is the hard part. Maybe try going a bit further afield to run if that's an option to avoid bumping into people. It took me a while to be confident running where people might see me - so I can understand that part.

The thing that keeps me going is I love how I feel after every run out - and how I can say - I did it to anyone that'll listen lol - also I'm a stubborn old bird 😊

If you are really not enjoying it - I don't know what to suggest - but maybe just try another week - it doesn't matter how long it takes to do them all and if life gets in the way sometimes so be it - good luck with it though x


You say you are no good in the morning, but many are totally surprised by how invigorating an early morning run is and how it sets you up for the day.

Skulking around the streets at twilight doesn't sound much fun to me............I run across fields in the morning. If you don't have access to countryside or parks on a daily basis, how about treating yourself on a day off and running in natural surroundings, which will lift your spirit.

By avoiding your colleagues, you are providing yourself with a negative.....a reason for avoiding proud of what you are doing for yourself, "come out" to your workmates and you will probably find loads of support and admiration.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in exercising.


Hi ummm finding it dull and uncommitted is going to make it hard work for you. Let's be fair it you're not enjoying it at all you're unlikely to be motivated (I know I wouldn't be.)

Maybe you need to dig deep and go for it, don't worry about people at work. If they are half decent they will encourage you, may even find some to join you?

or abandon it for now, improve your fitness doing something you like - swim, bike ride, walk, fun class to music? And go again when you feel more motivated as you have made progress in another way. Find something that's fun and you enjoy before the winter months set in, get head of the game. Good luck. πŸ€


If you ran in the morning you would get better at it .you could find you are good on the morning, and what a great start to a working day. Maybe find a park maybe..a tow path by a canal.. sports ground..alternatively..blow the folk who see you..why are you bothered..?

You started this for a the reason still there?

Are you going to let what other folk think..unlikely though it is, that they will give you a second glance....stop you doing it?

Set your gear out the night before..plot your route..pick the shoes up and head out..just do it...πŸ˜‰


A - Motivation - Regular running can reduce your risk of horrific things such as such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. It also helps to strengthen your joints and bone density and increase lung capacity.

B - Stop worrying what others may think, seriously who cares! if they don't do any exercise more fool them and if they care about their health and do exercise then surely they would just encourage you, i've had nothing but support from everyone i've told.

C - Morning runs can be great and they are over and done with and out the way! Once you manage to get out the door (which of course is the hardest bit) you'll be glad you made the effort.

D - It could well mean you live longer and certainly will have a better quality of life by having a healthy heart and lungs.

E - Your family are right behind you and encouraging you every step of the way, they want you around for many more years yet Mr!

Thanks for the supportive words. I just don't like running unless it's after a football. At school I was a sprinter (100m in 10.13) and my teacher always stuck me in for cross country meets which I hated.

I think I'm just naturally made to cover short distances quickly or use something with wheels! 🀣

IannodaTruffeAdministrator in reply to Sasquatch1972

Have you read the guide to the plan?

Maybe you are just running too hard. Slow and steady will develop your body, give you all the health benefits of running and be much more enjoyable............ you don't have to keep your sports teacher happy, just yourself............stop competing and enjoy the exercise.

Best of luck.


I really worried what other people thought when I started running. Would only run where I wouldn't be seen. Many weeks on and I don't honestly think any cares what I'm up to! All the runners I pass or am passed by are so friendly and I've seen loads of people I know who are amazed I can run!! It does take some time to have the confidence. Do you listen to music? I can't run without it!

Please don't give up! I'm so proud I can now run 5k. I don't care what other people think. I'm 51, a bit overweight and I am a runner! 😁😁🐌🐌


Maybe this isn't for you. I do think there has to be an element of enjoyment, even if it is after the run and not during it.

Are you listening to music, or podcasts?

I would definitely try a morning run, it's great start to the day.

But if after all that, you still don't enjoy it I would take my original reasons for wanting to get fit, and try something else.

Bearing in mind that unless you do the something else in the early morning, you will still be doing it in the evening when you are knackered!!!!


Why not look at a map and see if there's somewhere away from your hotzone that you'd enjoy running in more and take the car/ bike to get there?


I started in January for the same reason. Ran in the dark at 5pm to start off my c25k. Suited me perfectly.

Don’t throw in the trainers though because this really will get you to to a 30 minute run in a few weeks. It was the best thing ever for me.


Why did you start the programme? I bet you have good reasons for doing so, remind yourself of them, not every run is going to be enjoyable, some just have to be done, and ad for seeing people you know, let them, run and be proud, if they are fellow runners they will appreciate what you are doing and if they aren't, they will either be envious that you are doing something they aren't or are not worth wasting your time on. Keep going, you will reap the rewards if you do

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