Newbie struggling with breathing 😕

Been putting off c25k for ages and finally started w1 r1 tonight but only managed half of the runs. Scary when you suddenly realised how bad your fitness has got! It's my breathing that I'm struggling with, I can't catch my breath even when I go back to walking. Any tips out there? How did everyone else find their first week? Thank you


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  • Hi- sorry you had a bad experience! Don't be put off though. Firstly, think about how fast you did the running parts. Any faster than a very old snail and you are too fast. Slow is your friend- as slow as possible. Then think about your route- avoid any kind of hill at all costs. They are not your friend at this stage. Thirdly, I find that a banana and a big glass of water an hour before I run keeps me going. Have a day's rest and then try again. Remember, it is not about pace- just go as slowly as possible. If you haven't got the podcast or app, do download as it's very helpful. Good luck and let us know how you get on. 

  • Thanks for the reply, I won't give up this easily.☺ I do use the app for my runs, is really helpful when the lady says to run and when to walk. I thought I was running slowly but maybe not slow enough, will take your advice and get as slow as an old snail ☺ I do have a couple of hills on the circular route I ran and will look to find some where flatter to start with, hopefully making it a bit easier! Fingers crossed and hopefully a better run on Tuesday. Where are you in the programme?

  • Hi- I'm on week 8 at the mo. Can't quite believe I've come this far as struggled to do the one minute runs on Feb! The programme works though! 

  • Hi Kerry , Welcome to the forum and Well done for taking that first step off the couch .

    My breathing was  all over the place too when I first started , in fact some of the times I found myself holding my breath in and forgetting to breathe . It was like there was too much going on all at once and my brain couldnt handle it !

    Are you going really slow ? Remember its just a gentle jog, nothing faster than that , and a very very slow pace , do you think you may have been going too fast ? xxx

  • Thanks for your reply. It actually made me laugh out loud as what your saying is exactly what I'm doing! Holding my breath trying to catch it and then releasing it to actually breath. Yes far too many things going on. 😂 I thought I was jogging really slowly but will try even slower next time and see if that helps. Is there a basic breathing tip? Thanks for your support x

  • It's not just me then ha ha !  At the moment ,you should be able to jog slow enough to be able to hold a conversation . Not like me at first with my "Arrgh " " Bleurrggh " replies when someone spoke to me Ha ha ! 

    It's just a gentle slow jog pace , I am sure as you progress your breathing will sort itself out so try not to worry too much xxxx

    The very best of luck to you and keep posting so you can tell us how're you're doing xxx

  • On the warm up walk, I breathe in and out slowly and deeply, that gets the oxygen flowing before I even start running.  Run slowly, so that if someone were running with you, you could hold a conversation without struggling.  Relax your shoulders and arms to allow the lungs to expand and breathe in and out slowly, we all struggled with breathing and speed but take your time, as long as u do the run time, no prizes for going fast

  • Will give that a go. Thank you. In fact thinking of my attempt I think my shoulders and arms were quite tense by my side so will try and relax those too. Thanks ☺

  • stay slow! Like slow slow to begin with, its really easy to go too fast when its only a minute. Even if it's just a bit more than your normal walk that's fine, just keep plodding!

    3 months ago i was in your place now i run 2-3 times a week and do a 5k with no problem :D you can do it!! 

  • Well done for starting!!! I remember feeling like that too, I was holding my breath 😂. Take it slowly to start with and you will be surprised how your stamina builds up. Good luck!!

  • Hi there.. welcome to this wonderful running family! Go you for starting. :)

    The breathing thing, is fairly common... like poppypug, I used to hold my breath...wonder I did not pass out!

    The mantra is, slow and then slower, until you are slower than a slow snail. That is it!

    Simply slow and steady...listen to Laura... no one on the other side of a hedge should know you are running... get a lovely gentle pace... and enjoy it. You can do this...

    "It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop! ":)  And Confucius knew what he was talking about!!!

  • Bit late replying but just reiterating the above advice. S l o w down :)

    1st run near killed me! I advise trying slow, deep breaths in and out. I still breathe quite heavily purposefully from the start but I feel it helps me!

    Slow is key though. My running pace was barely above my walking speed, it's not much faster now tbh but getting there :)

    Keep going, good luck :)

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