Hey gang

Not sure anyone even remembers who I am hahahaha basically my last post on here was about my first successful 5k but I'm now struggling to run for more than 20 minutes. I went to Barcelona which ruined my schedule, and then I was really ill so didn't run, and then I fell down and couldn't walk for two weeks so basically I had 3 weeks off running and I tried it for the first time again yesterday and after 20 minutes I just died and had to give up.

Difficult not to feel disheartened but I know I'll get back into it. Hoping you're all well.



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  • Hi Katy, I also had to have a long break from running recently due to illness, work demands, etc. also trying to get back into it but realising how much fitness I've lost, it's hard. So you are not alone:) I guess we need to think about the two alternatives: get out there & give it a go, or give up? Visualise how you feel after each decision, I think we know what we have to do! A day & a run at a time, good luck & keep in touch with how you're getting on x

  • Hey Katy, it happens! It's life! We all have stuff getting in the way, I know how that feels too. Took me more like 13 weeks than 9 to graduate for these reasons. Go back to a level you can do and do that.....then build up. You can do it :)

  • I am a beginner. I finished w5run3 yesterday. I have just found out I am having an op next Friday which will not allow me to run for five weeks. I still have three run days next week. I don't know how I will cope not progressing with c25k for so long. Five weeks ! It is for ever ! My plan of action after five weeks is to redo week 3 once and see how I go, then move on to week 4 once, then start week 5...... And then I will be ok for week 6..... I intend to take it slow and see what I can do. Maybe you should start small, see how your react to the effort and build it up slowly. Just don't give up.

  • You're bound to lose a bit of fitness but will be surprised at how quickly it comes back as you build up your rhythm again. Running is for life and there are always temporary setbacks - both small and large. Don't let it worry you. You'll be fine!

  • I graduated around Xmas, and since then I have only done 5k about 3 times. I still go out 2 or three times a week but I only run for however long I feel like at the time. It maybe 2.5k one day and 4k the next. I figure that any run is better than no run, and if I wanted to I could still easily do 5k ( and still do occasionally). But for me I have to enjoy it, and if one day for some reason I am knackered half way through, I just stop.It's no big deal.

  • Oh no Katy, sorry you've been thrown off course but try not to worry, it'll all come back surprisingly quickly, give it a couple more gentle runs and don't put yourself under any pressure. You will have plenty of underlying fitness there and it takes more than three weeks to lose that. Perhaps you are still feeling a little weak after being ill etc. Was the Robster magnificent btw? ;-)

  • 20 minutes is a small success and something on which to build, not a failure. Slow down, start enjoying it again and you'll be fine again soon I'm sure.

  • As ActonHighStreet says, 20 minutes is 20 minutes. That's nothing to be ashamed of. You've had a setback, but that's not insurmountable. Just step back a few weeks - drop back to the start of week 5 again and see how you go. You'll soon be picking that fitness up again and be back up to where you were. Don't worry about it - just get out and run.

  • Hi Katy I remember you. You were the cheery Katy before lol. Not to worry you will get back into it sooner than you think. Keep it up girl we are all allowed a bad day or two occasionally :) J

  • Hiya you've done really well to get back out there after illness and disruption just stick with it. Sometimes these things just get in the way, 20 minutes is way better than 0 minutes. Chin up! X.


  • Katy

    A number of times, when I have been off running for a while, I restart by running one minute run/walk intervals for 5K or so. They are very easy to do - and I find that after a 2-3 days of doing that, I am "off into it" again. When you do get back to running longer times, just ease yourself into it slowly - it all comes back!! :)

  • Hi katy

    What would Chumbawumba recommend? 😊

  • Hi. I know the feeling but don't feel too despondent. Ive just managed to run 5k this morning but its not been easy and it is hard to motivate yourself and stay on track when you've got other things going off too. But stick at it. I went back to week 6 when Id missed some runs and ran a few easier and shorter runs just to get myself back into it. Don't worry about how far you run or for how long for a while, just concentrate on running and enjoying it. The stamina will return and you will be achieving 5k again in no time. Don't give up. And in the words of Laura 'a bad run is better than no run at all' or something like that. Keep at it and remember 'onwards and upwards'! :-)

  • Hey, celebrate - you can run 19 mins more than when you started! Running is very much an up and down journey - no pun intended. There's loads of people on here who are injured, have several weeks or months off but then get back 'into training' - obviously they're not going to be as good as they were but does that matter? 20 mins running is better than nothing, so what's the prob. I graduated end Feb and am only running every 5 - 10 days, so am not improving at all but I look on it as, well at least I'm doing something and keeping a bit fitter than if I were doing nothing. It has to be a discipline and if you haven't got that, and many of us haven't, then its not going to be as successful. I run around 4.5k in 37 mins. More than I could do in January, so it'll do. Keep going.

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