struggling and weight gain!!?!

Hi I dont know whats up with me but i am on week 8 but am struggling to fit in more than 2 runs a week as i am so tired all the time...will it be ok to continue just running twice a week or is that not enough...also i have put on weight rather than lost it since i started running? Its a few lbs but very disheartening. Anyone any tips as i am always really hungry later that day or the next day after a run?

I think i need some ideas for healthy snacks and meals...i am not a glutton just a fussy


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  • I'm sorry to say that I don't think that's enough if you really want to improve your fitness as much as you can. Having said that, it's certainly infinitely better than doing nothing, so you have to decide.

    Perhaps as you persist, you'll get fitter and feel less tired?

  • Remember that the running itself doesn't really burn much energy. Around 100 calories per mile you run, and towards the end of the programme you probably cover between 2 and 3 miles of running. So let's call it 300 calories to be generous. You can very easily eat 300 calories worth of snacks.

    So step 1 is to not eat any more when you've been out running. You might want to change the timing of your eating, but don't feel that now you've been out working so hard you deserve a nice big cake or a chocolate bar.

    Healthy snacks and meals: Think unprocessed food. Good "old fashioned" ingredients. Fruit, veg, lean meats, grains, legumes, etc. Also try to stick to a healthy balance between cards / protein / fat.

    If you have a good diet, running will support it and reinforce it. But the diet has to come first.

    As for whether twice a week is enough... well, as Steve said, it's a whole lot better than nothing, but three times a week would be even better.

  • One thing I do is keep strict with what you's easy to convince yourself you deserve a treat because youve had a run. Also, I'm reducing carbs so that exercise should use up fat reserves.....that's the theory and I reckon it's working for me :) good luck!! Don't stop !!!!

  • Running doesn't really burn off the masses of calories that people think it does.

    But twice weekly runs is still loads more than most of the rest of the population! Could you factor in something else maybe, like a swim on the way home from work, or walking part of a commute, or just an aerobic workout at home? Davina has a few fairly gentle work-outs on Netflix if you've got that, they might give you a bit of a kick start. I bought some very cheap little dumbbell things from Sportsdirect, there are ways to fit in other stuff.

    A couple of dietary top tips: when you measure out pasta, rice or couscous etc for cooking, put a fistful back in the bag. You won't miss it. Also, just cut out eating bread. I did that, and it meant that in one fell swoop I seem to have cut out bacon, coleslaw, cheese... I do go a bit baggy at weekends but mostly during the day in the week I just eat fruit and have a normal meal in the evening (which by the way I REALLY enjoy). So, by running 3 times a week, being good on weekdays and ignoring the diet at the Weekend I have lost more than a stone since Christmas, and am comfortably back in the Green zone of the BMI scale.

    You do need to be in the right frame of mind to get hold of your fitness and sort it out though. Think "I can!!" Rather than "Oh God, I really can't." A couple of times I've really struggled to get out the door, but have gone anyway. Putting your running kit really helps, even if you don't think you'll get out of that door, the chances are you'll go, even if it's just round the block it's better than nothing.

    Anyway.... I really hope you find your zone soon, it really will make a difference to your life. Good luck and keep us all posted. This is THE best place for tips, motivation and comfort too. Go on. You can do it. :-)

  • I don't know if this will work for you, but I try to limit myself to a small wholemeal pitta with cheese and a huge undressed salad at lunch, plus a veggie or fish based dinner - stiry fry with brown rice or noodles, really nice homemade soup (make a big batch) or pilaf. I figure if you're eating lots of veg, and carbs are wholemeal, you can't go too wrong. Then you can eat til you're full but still know you're doing your body some good.

  • I'd try and run every other day. Don't eat any extra after runs as you're not running far enough on C25k. You don't start taking extra grub on board til you start running beyond 10k

    Healthy food and snacks can be made quickly and in advance. Once you get into the habit of making healthy meals for yourself it just becomes a habit, as does running.

    I think if you are eating healthily then you won't feel so tired all the time. It's amazing how cutting junk from our diets really makes us feel better quite quickly

  • Have a look at change for life website. I have downloaed the app Some fab easy healthy recipes. All calorie counted and not an expensive ingrediant in sight. All suitable for anyone else you may be cooking for. Preparation is the key for me as if i have as much ready and prepared as possible then i will eat the right things. That said you do have to get into the right mindset to get started. I am stivking with about 13 to 1500 calories a day as am trying to lose weight and this approach along with the rinning is really making a differenec i have lost weight, a dress size on my bottom half ,i feel fab and cannot get ove the fact that i am running and loving it. All this in about six weeks . Keep going be determined and find the time for you. Good luck !

  • Hi Nin, I think it's quite easy to fall into the trap of I'm exercising so now I can eat more. Sadly! it doesn't work like that, even with healthy snacks, at this level. I know that the less water I drink the more tired I feel; are you drinking enough water? Don't beat yourself up about only doing 2 runs a week, it's so so much better than nothing, but do try and squeeze one more run in and I think you'll see the benefits. Best wishes.

  • Given everything you have said, I am wondering if a chat with your GP might be a prudent next step, particularly to rule out thyroid problems.

    Of course 2 runs a week are worth doing.

  • thanks for all the comments although i didnt mean to give the impression that i am eating alot more because of running i just meant i find i am extra hungry which makes it tough....i dont give in i realise i am not doing enough to warrant extras. My GP just said the running should help the tiredness and i had tests for thyroid last oct which were fine. I think some of it is because i have work issues which are getting me down perhaps when they are sorted things will improve but i do appreciate your responses.

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