struggling to find a routine

Hey, was just wondering if anyone else has the same problem as i do. Im finding it so hard to get into a routine, i was due to do run 3 of week 4 today, but bloomin work has messed that up, i work on call so i never know what im working each day until work phones me and i have to be there 10 minutes from when they phone. so its just by chance ive managed to get this far, without getting a call-to-work, mid run. Technically i should be on week 5 this week, but having to keep postponing runs. Running in the morning is a no no for me, i can barely dress myself first thing in the morning let alone run and quite often i start work at 7am also evenings are no good either because i sometimes dont get home until 7 and by the time ive made the dinner and let it digest its too late. sorry for my little rant, just needed to vent some i hate work steam haha,


what does everyone here do ? do you run every other day ? or like me when you can ? or 3 times a week ? just out of curiosity.


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7 Replies

  • Sounds terrible where you work .....

    for me I have had to get tough with myself and make tuesday/tursday evening + sunday morning dedicated to me getting off the couch

  • oh not terrible, great job just not your average job :-)

    so you do the same every week then. I wish i could get a routine going, i think it would make it so much easier to stick to rather than never knowing when. :-)

  • I can't do mornings either! We do two in the week before dinner (even if it means dinner is late) and one weekend - after a long lie in but before getting shower...

  • You run with your partner ? mine comes and cycles one a week with me. I like your sunday idea, so your not missing out on the pleasures of weekend lie ins too :-)

  • Yeh, I did the first one alone to check it was possible then we both started. His legs are longer but we're as unfit as each other!

  • I hate getting up in a morning but make myself to run. I too start work at 7 so run at 5 on Tuesday and Thursday morning's and 7ish either Saturday or Sunday. Only time that works for me around work and family so I just have to get on with it!!!

  • much much respect for you doing it in the mornings, and with kids and work, i dont have kids just work and a dog and i struggle for time in the day lol

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