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Week 2 Run 3 Done


I can't believe I was out running at 6.45am this morning! It was nice and quiet as I'm still very self conscious. I'm still having problems with the sound on the app and can't hear the trainer. It does cut in through the music but is very very quiet and I have to really concentrate to hear. Even when I turn the trainer up, next time he cuts in, he's back to being a whisper. It's very frustrating!!!

I'm feeling proud of myself although I am wondering when I will start to enjoy running!

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Well done - 6 runs in the bag already. I have not had any issues with the app - I have an iPhone and use Laura as my trainer and spotify for the music.

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to DorsetRunner

I've read a few comments from others who have had the same difficulties. Wondering if my music player is incompatible. I might try Spotify and see if that makes a difference.

DorsetRunnerGraduate in reply to Scarlettbunnykins

Sounds like a plan - let me know how you get on.

I’m wondering when I’m gonna start enjoying running too! I’ve just finished week 1 run 3 and I’ve noticed by about the middle I hate running but when I get to the last two minutes of running I have a moment where I’m enjoying it. I hope the moment of enjoyment becomes a bit longer as I progress.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one truly enjoying it just yet 😂

ScarlettbunnykinsGraduate in reply to Hihi94

I always really struggle in the middle run too! I love being outside in the fresh air (though I've noticed an awful lot of dog poo!) and listening to music, and I REALLY want to love it. Maybe it comes in time.


Running at 6.45 because you're self conscious. Try 5.15 a.m. and then going to a different place if someone dared to be walking their dog when I wanted to run. Well done on completing week 2...

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