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I had completed up to week 5 run 2 (and as someone who loathes all forms of exercise, was feeling pretty proud of myself), however I haven't run for 2 weeks now (due to first hurting my leg, and then coming down with a virus). I feel I'm just about ready to get back in to running but there's no way I can go back to week 5 run 3! I've never run that far and having had 2 weeks off I know I wouldn't cope.

Just wondering if anyone has any advice as to where i should start from? I feel like the only reason I've come this far is because I've put all my trust in to the program, I need to be able to believe that what I'm setting out on is achieveable but I don't want to have to start from the beginning again! Thanks all ๐Ÿ™‚


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  • I would normally encourage anyone to go out and do W5Rยฃ and just see how fare you get. You may achieve it, but without trying you will never know. As mostly two weeks shouldn't mean you lose too much fitness

    However, given your reasons for being on the IC were both viral and injury related, I would suggest you take yourself back to W5R1. That way you don't do too much too soon.

  • Did you get injured during an attempt to run W5 R3? It's an unfortunate place to have a hiccup. Normally , I would just repeat the last one I had completed which would be W5 R2, it depends on you, there is no harm in going back a step or two and you are right, there is no need to restart at zero. If you aren't very confident I'd go back and start at W4 R3. But really the best rule of thumb (that I use) is to go back and do the one you last completed. Other people may have different ideas though.

  • I bow to wiser heads than mine on this Forum, but in the same circumstances - I'd be going back to the start of w4 and making sure I had the stamina built into my legs again - that way I would be more likely to complete without issue, build my confidence and then gauge how fast to progress from there. I'm still a newbie tho- so that's only my point of view and as I still have week 5 r 3 to do on Friday - I do not speak as the voice of experience. Good for you for getting back to it tho' and good luck whichever one you choose to do.

  • Going back is fine, as is trusting the plan, both work. However, the psychological aspects of the process become ever more demanding and while building confidence is valuable, you cannot fail this plan, unless you head back to the couch. Facing the challenge means you know whether you can or cannot complete it. Repeating earlier runs will not give you that information. So, in my opinion, stepping outside your comfort zone will ultimately build confidence to a far greater degree.

    If you don't try, you will never know. Repeating the run you could not complete means you have found your level and that is the challenge that needs to be beaten, not the earlier weeks you have already completed.

  • Glad you're over your problems and I understand your apprehension about where to restart.

    You probably won't have lost as much fitness as you fear so I'd suggest starting back at the beginning of W5. That will ease you back nicely and by run 3 you'll be flying!

    Good luck and happy running!

  • I would agree with IannodaTruffe .. step out. slow and steady!

  • Thanks everyone, it's really useful to have your input! Back out tomorrow morning, going to try repeat week 5 run 2 and see how we go ๐Ÿ™‚

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