Where to start again?? :-(

Morning all. Four weeks ago I completed W8R2 then the school holidays got in the way. Haven't run since and kicking myself for deciding a longer lie was more essential (I only run at 6a.m).

My diet has gone out the Window too and I've eaten my body weight in chocolate resulting in me feeling bleurgh. Back on the diet now as thats the easy part but want to get out tomorrow morning. So, my question is what week do folks think I should start from? Cheers lovelies :-)


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  • Hi Madcow, what a shame- you were so close - but we all fall off the wagon sometimes. The important thing is to be like you and climb right back on again!

    I would suggest just going out for a run without Laura and see what you can do. That should give you a good idea about where to pick up the programme again.

    Good luck

  • Thanks Ully. It's taken a little persuasion from a couple of friends to get back on the wagon tbh but I am excited to be back again. :-) x

  • If it were me, I'd probably go back to Week 5, that way you can get your running muscles back into working again with a nice easy start of 3 x 5 mins and it's not that far back in the programme. If you try to do too much at first, you might do some damage after such a long break and all that choc. Btw you sound just like me. I'm always falling off my diet and no-alcohol wagon. Can't help myself!

  • Thanks for the advice. I can't believe I'm sitting here thinking "ah, 5 mins will be fine"!! Shows how much I have changed since I started this fabulous plan and the thought of doing 2 mins (and the actual practice!) terrified me :-) Healthy eating Im pretty ok with but the wine bringa out the absolute devil in me.... :-0 xx

  • Hope the diet is going well, I think I would start again at maybe week 5 or 6 where you were doing a few intervals of run/walk and then see how you feel you may surprise yourself and find that you haven't lost that much fitness

  • Thanks mummysaurus. I think that sounds like a great idea. Im going to go out tomorrow morning and see how I get on. And here's hoping I'm pleasantly surprised ;-) xx

  • I'm in a similar position, so can sympathise. Did week 9 run1 , then hurt my knee (not from running). (so frustrating!) Haven't run for 3 weeks. Knee seems to be better now, so need to get out again. Have also been on holiday - with too much food and wine, and feel heavy and unfit again. Must try to get out tomorrow to give it a try. Good luck with your getting back into it. We can do it!!!

  • Bonniesingh - let's both get out tomorrow and check in with how we do afterwards? Injury is different so you can only gauge how comfy it is to run (or not! ). I can blame everything else as much as I like but I know it's only me that's making silly excuses. And I'm exactly the same, feeling yucky and sluggish all the time. Gotta get back on the wagon as I've signed up to a challenge next year and was reminded last night that I only have 33 weeks left to train! And believe me, I'll need every single one of those weeks! ;-) xx

  • I did week 5 run 2 this morning at 6am, and it was luurrrvvly to be running in the cool. It was overcast and a bit breezy, and so different to how it felt last week. I love the warm weather, but it's not conducive to running when you're a bit lardy, is it??!!

  • Definitely not conducive :-( I hate the heat but definitely attribute that to the fact that I won't bear more than an arm so already I'm uncomfortable. Know what I need to do to remedy that mind....... I'm in bed already with my alarm clock set for the morning. Nervous but excited! :-)

  • Woke at 6.30. Thought "shall I go out?". Woke again at 7 . Got into running gear before I could think of reasons not to go (old T shirt and jogging bottoms - nothing too fancy). Want to go, but fearful of hurting knee and not being able to run at all for weeks again. Searched for trainers - found them in the camper van eventually. Collected dog from kitchen, and off we went. Really hoping the knee will be ok. Everything down the right hand side (hip, knee, ankle) slightly twingey (if there is such a word) but nothing painful. Went very , very slowly and managed to complete the 30 mins of w9 r2. When I say slowly, I mean slowly - just about one foot slightly in front of the other - 12 mins per km, but up and down hills on the golf course. Half way through, Laura said if I was tired I could slow down!! I'd be going backwards then! Leg seems ok, so hopefully can complete the last run of the programme later in the week. How did you get on, mad cow?

  • WELL DONE!!! That was an amazing start again, and speed doesn't matter, the fact you ran for the full 30 mins is AMAZING! Listen to your body, be gentle with it, and you will be back out gradually getting used to it again. Well done!

    Unfortunately we got a phone call at 6a.m to tell us my father in law had been taken into hospital in the early hours so I had to go and collect my son who was staying with them because of the hols. I'll need to go out tomorrow a.m now :-( wee bit gutted as I was all psyched up but thankfully grandad is alright and home again. Not to worry, will just have to go in the morning...... kit still sitting at the end of my bed so nae excuses!! And at least I know where my trainers are so I don't have to go a-hunting! ;-)

    Hope you're pleased you made it out! Big pat on your back deserved xx

  • Thanks. I am relieved I managed it without aggravating the knee again. Glad grandad is ok. Good luck for tomorrow's run. As you say, listen to your body, but not the "don't want to/can't do it" gremlins.

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