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All done. Found it tough and my ankle is twinging a bit but i guess i should feel good about the fact that i am finishing these runs up til now. Really struggling to see how i will manage that 20 minutes on Thursday but I'll keep the faith :-)

Downloaded mapmyrun but it reckons I only ran for 0.25miles. Googled my route and without the warm up and cool down walk I did 3k so must be more like 3.5k.

Anyway I did it so feel pleased. I really wish I felt I had more in the tank after each run like some of you do!!

Happy running everyone!!

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You are doing great. The programme has set you up for the 20 min run. You’ll smash it 😁

W5R2 is my next run, I hope I'll get through it too. Found the first 2 5minute jogs of W5R1 OK but the 3rd time was hard.

Emcdee in reply to Jalk

You'll be fine. I struggled with wk5r1 a bit too but somehow found the strength to complete the 2 8 minute runs. I think it helps that there's a 5 minute interval walk which is enough to bring you back to strength for the next run. Have faith! You'll do great. Let us know how you get on x

Jalk in reply to Emcdee

thanks for the message, Friday lunchtime is scheduled

Fantastic congrats! I did the 20 minutes yesterday full of "I can't and don't want to try" but Laura told me I was fit enough and it's a mental thing, and she was right! Be stubborn, your body can do it, make your head believe!

Emcdee in reply to SleepyAsh

Thank you, I'll go either tomorrow or Friday and will believe in myself.

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