Wk5r2 update

Following all the encouragement from my 'Does the distance matter' post, and waking yesterday to a beautifully sunny, if frosty, morning, I decided to try wk5r2 outdoors! Well, you know the old adage "fail to prepare..."

Before the end of the (7 minutes or so) walk along the grass track to the nearest bridlepath, my feet were soaked - Mistake number 1: I hadn't checked that my shoes were waterproof. Never mind, says I, keep going, wet feet won't kill you.

Mistake number 2: Possibly because I have always run indoors (on carpet or cushionfloor) I didn't realise that once I started running my pod would jump to the next track! Never mind, says I, I know I need to run for 8 minutes, then walk for 5, then run for 8. I can just use the timer on the pedometer app on my phone.

Mistake number 3: On reaching the bridlepath, discover it is about 6 inches under water, so decide to run along the side. Wet leaves are even more slippery than mud, which at least provides some suction. Never mind, says I, picking myself up off the floor for the third time, there's a concrete path about 200 yards across, run to there and then do circuits.

Mistake number 4: Concrete path is 3 inches deep in mud washed off the bridlepath. I discover that falling in mud on concrete does not cushion your fall - a bad landing on my hip ends the run and I limp home in tears of frustration.

Mistake number 5: discover wet feet do matter - as my blistered right big toe proves.

So all in all my first foray into the 'joys' of outdoor running was not great. HOWEVER - not being one to give up, I decided that I would use the internet to see where else around here I might run, with the intention of going out later that afternoon and completing the run. I couldn't find anywhere that was dry and anyway the pain in my hip and the blister on my toe didn't seem to like the idea.

5:30 this morning it dawned (!) on me that perhaps I could use the concrete path in the 150ft back garden! Nothing like not noticing what's right under your nose :-)

To the amusement of my neighbour, who brought her husband out to watch, I walked/ran (according to the pedometer app on the phone) 4.05Km this morning and managed to keep running for the full 8 (x2) minutes - something I truly believed was impossible for me. The hip coped and the blister (well talced) seems to be fine. The feet stayed dry and I didn't fall once. Guess where I will be running the 20 mins on Saturday!

My deepest thanks to all those of you who inspire me and encourage me, whether with your own posts or your comments to mine. I know that without you (and Laura of course) I wouldn't be doing this.

I fully intend to take iannoda truffle's advice and keep running, keep smiling. I hope you all do the same.

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  • Well done on completing on your second attempt, that first run sounded awful & it shows your determination in that you got back out there. Who knows, maybe your neighbours will be inspired to join you! :-)

  • Thanks for posting about how you got on. I'm sorry things didn't quite work out as planned, but well done for finding another solution, and not giving up. On the plus side, the weather seems to be getting better (touch wood!) so the fields etc should start drying up. Maybe try that route again in another week or 2 weeks? 4km is a great distance to cover and you must feel great for having successfully got through to the end. Aside from the amused neighbours (what were they doing up so early :-) !), how did it feel to be running outside? The first time I went running outside, it felt like freedom and still does. I run about the same time you do, and I find the peace and quiet completely magic - it's a whole different world compared to an hour later when I'm out the door for my communte to work.

  • Well done, such determination to get there. You really must have the bug. Have a little look at the settings On Your ipod you can turn off that facility to shake to the next song. Took me ages to work that out. Lol. Happy running.

  • Wow, incredible determination! I'd have given up after the 2nd fall on that 1st run - it sounds awful.

    Until the ground dries out a bit, your garden sounds like a great option for you. I wouldn't be too happy with an audience, so well done for sticking it out. Hope you started to feel you were getting into your stride a bit more than when you were inside, and looking on the bright side, you've got options now for dry/wet weather. :)

  • Awesome! You have 10x the determination that I have. I don't even run if it is raining slightly.

    I haven't run through floods since I was 13 and our PE master insisted that a little local flooding was not going to stop us going on cross-country. Since my school was on the edge of the Somerset levels 'a little local flooding' was actually waist deep on the tracks and over your head if you tried to get clever and run along the bank but accidentally put your foot in the ditch on the other side...

  • You have to stick to the roads when the going is so soft as it is at the moment.Dig out the road shoes and pound some pavements. Not as enjoyable as the trails but the local park is usually a happy place to be. Good for you not quitting Big Mum!!!! Stick with it

  • I was just reading your posts. I know they're from 4 yrs ago but I was curious to know if you continued running and did you finish this programme and graduate?

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