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First fall


Week 8, run 2. I don’t usually run on a Saturday but went out this morning as I missed Thurs as didn’t have childcare. I usually run close to home in and around the roads so I’m always close if I need to get home. Today I decided to try a big loop for the first time. Was going well, was overtaken by quite a few runners but my pace was good and I was feeling happy.

Just before the half way point I stumbled (I don’t know what on) and despite my best efforts I fell. I got up and carried on running but after 5 minutes I had to stop as my knee was throbbing too much.

Had to walk the 20 mins home as by the time the hubby had got the little ones in the car and come to get me I would have been almost back.

Am so annoyed that I didn’t just push on an keep running and that I’ve ruined my running leggings. Now I’m home and feeling sore and fed up.

Will try to run tomorrow and get straight back on it but it’s really knocked my confidence 😥

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Ouch! Don’t be down on yourself, you got out and went for it. You tried to carry on after the fall, but probably made a sensible decision to abort. Rest and patch it up... also tell hubby you need to go shopping 😀


Oh no! Feel really sad for you. The disappointment of not being able to complete the run, the leggings and the poor knee! I'm sure you'll feel better as soon as you've completed the next one! Hope the knee stops throbbing soon!


Owww! Looks painful. Hope it will be ok after a few days rest.

Poor you. Hope you feel better soon. It knocks your confidence a bit .have a cuppa and a cake and rest for the day. Go out next time and take it steady xxx

Ouch. I know you want to get out there tomorrow but your leg may have other ideas. Do listen. You might be too sore anyway.

A hole in your running tights is a badge of honour - unless it’s in an embarrassing position😮

Try not to let it affect your confidence, after all you can fall anywhere, anytime, doing anything!

Hope you heal very soon.


Oh it looks nasty and I guess very painful. I hope that you recover soon. Also, it doesn’t knock your confidence and you get back out running soon.

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