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Wk1 day 1 r

Just finished my wk1 day 1 run on c25k, I've ran before but was years ago, so decided to get fit and lose some weight.how do I feel, well to be honest I feel good, was easier than I thought but if I'm doing this I need to start at the beginning.now to the hardest part of it. The hardest part was getting out of bed and actually doing it, after I've put it off for the last 2 weeks, yes I know, it's the " I'll start tomorrow " syndrome., but as we all know, tomorrow never comes.lol.

So a rest day tomorrow and another run on Tuesday, hope I don't ache too much and all you regulars keep posting encouragement to keep us newbies good.have a great Sunday

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Well done! I know the "I'll start tomorrow syndrome" well! I over came it 3 weeks ago (just completed w3 r3) and am actually starting to enjoy it :-)


well done getting started. As you say the first one is the hardest step of all. Most people find the first run difficult, so you should do well. Keep running and keep posting


You're so right. I think the first run was the hardest so well done for starting. You won't regret it so keep running and keep posting!


Well done for getting out there. It's great you enjoyed yourself and are ready for run 2.

Have a brilliant time on Tuesday, and let us know how you get on.


Well done!


Week 1 will power.

I'm rewarding myself at the end of each week ( I now have some new guitar strings ).

I'm getting great support from this forum & hope you enjoy all your Runs!



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