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First run done this morning. Wk1 Run 1


Well I finally did it! Very very slow but off I went along the coast path early this morning in the drizzle. The first two 60sec runs were hell but after that I rather enjoyed it.

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Well done! And I love your shoes.

I started this morning too! The 3rd and 4th were the toughest for me, I kept thinking “when I’d this going to end!” I feel great now I’ve had a sit down!

Good luck! We can do it!

Coastrun in reply to Lou1990

Thanks. Shoes are very comfy, and should be fine as I went to a specialist running shop.

Coastrun in reply to Lou1990

Well done, we can do it!


Well done! Nice shoes, they don't feel too tight on the toes do they?

It's well worth reading the link below for some excellent info..

I did my first run this morning too!! I also found the first couple of minutes hard. I was as red as a tomato by the end, feeling good now though!!

Well done! Another 1st time runner here too! Only managed 5 out of the 8 running sections but much better than I thought I’d do!

limberlou in reply to Kay1985

Try to slow yourself down. Best advice I was ever given with this programme. It’s not about speed it’s about building up stamina and endurance. Seriously, slowdown to about the same speed as a brisk walk and you’ll manage it. I hadn’t run for 25 years and I kept trying to go too fast. When I slowed it down I managed to complete all the runs and I’m on week 5 now, next run is 20 mins, didn’t think I’d manage the two 8 minute ones this morning but I took it slowly and just plodded ... and made it.

You will too.

Kay1985 in reply to limberlou

Thanks. Slowed it right down this morning and managed every single run 👍


Well done to all of you! You've done the hardest bit, getting started. Take your time and enjoy it!

I also started today. Well done!

Well done! I did my first run this afternoon too. Things were going ok until I accidentally paused the app without realising during run 5... I was appalled when I felt like collapsing and it had not told me to stop. It felt so much worse than the previous 4 runs... But then it turned out I had been running for 2 minutes! Hah! I look forward to getting better at this.

Great to see others starting at the same time! Good luck to all - We can do it!

I started this week! Found it quite hard as a never run before in my life person! Completed W1R2 and feel a bit stiff. I have been doing stretches when I get home too, but obviously I am now using some muscles that haven’t been pushed in a while!

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