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Final run W9R3 scuppered by hot flushes !


Ggggrrrrrrr ! So frustrated with myself ( and my age ! ) I knew I shouldn't have gone out today - I did everything to delay doing it and went out later than I usually do and paid the price.

I made the mistake of thinking it was cooler today so went with full length leggings and t shirt rather than the running shorts and mesh vest I've been wearing recently. Wrong decision - 4 hot flushes in the first 20 minutes and I had to stop and walk twice after that.

I've been 200m off the 5K for my first two runs this week and so wanted to make my final run the one where I broke the barrier. Maybe I subconsciously went out too fast determined to make up that 200m.

Anyway - think I will give myself two days rest and try again on Saturday. I CAN do this.

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I know how the flushes feel...! It was warmer than it looked mid morning. I roasted! I think ill be in my shorts til it's winter! Love the cool legs!! Good luck next time! You will definitely do it!😳😳😳😳


Decent practice session I’d say. Humidity is through the roof where I am right now, so while it’s cooler, I don’t think I’d like to run in it right now.

You can do this for sure, you’ve proved that by getting to this run. Just relax and it will come.


Aaarragh! Hot flushes! Sometimes I feel as though it’s suffocating me! Flaming menopause! Try again, you know you can do it. You know what you can do to help keep you cool. Good luck, you can do it, just leave those big girl pants at home and wear the shorts instead! 🙂

Tell me about it!!! Even though it was raining and cooler for me this morning, I ‘warmed up’ remarkably quickly!

You’ll be fine next time out now you know what to expect! Good luck on that graduation run - mine’s on Friday but I’m about 1.5km off 5k so I’ll be the hot little snail out there! 🐌🐌🐌😅


As a man I have no clue as to what it’s like but I’m still cheering for ya in the background

So sorry. Don’t let it undermine your confidence though. Cooler weather is on its way. You can definitely do this!


Keep on trying!!!

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