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Reflections on the final run of the year

Managed to do a short run today. I went over my ankle last Monday and haven't run since. Having walked the route where I fell I realise it wasn't a good idea - a steep muddy bank with leaves covering the underlying surface. However I really love trail running so I just need to be more careful where I go.

Fortunately it wasn't too bad a sprain and after the first 48 hours of hobbling about settled down to just being uncomfortable. Today I only did 3k and was watching the surface as I went. I'm signed up to do the Great Winter Run on 11th January but will see how it goes.

Looking back on the year, according to Endomondo I've done 480k, peaking during the 5x50 challenge. I'd hoped to get to 500k and I suspect if I added in the runs where the technology failed I have done. I've done two 10k races and 24 Parkruns. But most of all I've discovered I enjoy running just for the sake of it. I love exploring new routes and going where the whim takes me at each turn.

I've also found the support from this community and the C25k Facebook group helpful, for more than just running. So to all of you out there whether starting out or striving to a PB or the next HM, happy running in 2014.

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Sorry about your ankle So frustrating but hopefully ok for GWRun It's great you enjoying your running so much Trail running sounds something to think about If it wasnt for you not sure I would have done first park run so thanks


Thanks I was sorry I missed Saturday's Parkrun. See you sometime soon.


Glad to read your ankle seems to be on the mend, trail running sounds like good fun. Congrats on some very impressive end of year stats, I haven't counted mine and doubt I'd be anywhere near but certainly share your love of running and the thanks for this forum. Lots of happy runs for 2014 everyone!



You must get the ankle sorted for GWR am all signed up and not quite raring to go - but seriously looking forward to the last 3k of the run - all down hill - just need to get to the top!!

C u 11th Jan.


Actually it's the downhill bits which worry me as that is how I did it!


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