Now I normally don't like running in the rain. It ruins your hair for starters - but I knew it would be raining this morning because I checked my BBC Weather app last night afore retiring. "That aint gonna stop me" I told myself, so I went to bed knowing that I would awake and venture into the great outdoors.

Twas not to be.

Around 3am, the headache I had gone to bed with was still there and my body had decided to add a sore throat into the bargain. That was supplemented later on by an earache in my left ear which made me feel nauseous. A virus had taken over my body and scuppered my plans. I didn't even wake up until 10am and it was then that I decided to abandon my running plans.

I was even prepared to let the hair get ruined in the rain and everything! A sad day.

Hoping that it's just 24 hour thing and I'll be out there tomorrow.

Happy Monday folks.



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13 Replies

  • Oh no. Get well soon. The great outdoors will still be there but you need to get better. You are doing the right thing. Annoying as it is.

  • Thanks Toonlou. I'm mainlining Lemsip today in the hope it might scare it off!

  • There is so much of that going around at the moment. Rest up and look after yourself. I am sure your hair thanks you for the decision today.

  • Rhanks RFC. Hair is happy today. Thank God!

  • Oh dear SuperDan :( i have similar sore throat thing going on today, but am not due out til after work tomorrow, and the forecast reckons it might be drier. :) Get well soon, i'm sure theres another day to ruin the hair coming up! :X

  • Poor you! As RFC says, there's a lot of it about...

  • Cuddle up under the duvet. That's an instruction not a suggestion.

  • Yes m'aaam!

  • Poor Dan the Man.....

    I had this last week , it is an absolute barsteward , nowt you can do about it Im afraid, you've just got to let it run its course . Chin up :-) xxx

  • Thanks PP. Appreciate it.

  • Look after yourself - better to take it easy for a couple of days than end up being ill for a week. Hope you're feeling well soon.

  • Hope your feeling better soon, Dan. Give that lurgey Hell! :)

  • Better to rest up for a day or so, than risk going out and making it worse. Hair and body are no doubt grateful for the decision not to venture out.

    The great outdoors aint going anywhere, you can enjoy it - with or without the weather - another day.

    Take care

    :) xx

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