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Parkrun shock


What a beautiful parkrun Hastings is, the sea was so blue the sun was roasting with a lovely sea breeze with very nice fellow runners and marshals. I thought what the hell and did the parkrun instead of w8r2 and was a bit nervous having not done a 5k before. The start was nice and slow which was great so settled in well and despite the heat it just seemed to flow I found it much better running with other people in the same boat. Well to my surprise I managed my first 5k in 31:48 what a pleasant shock,I’m so pleased and thanks to the guys on here who convinced me it was a good wasn’t a good idea it was a fantastic Idea.Thank you all 👍

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Very nice time... well done


Oh my goodness! What a fabulous time! So pleased you enjoyed it 😁👍


Fantastic....Well done! 👏🏻👏🏻👍😀


Wow! That’s fast! Well done! I bet you wish you’d done one before! Now you can meet pianoteacher for coffee 😂

I was going to do Worthing park run this morning but decided it was to hot so went out at 530 start week 8 on Monday along the seafront what happens when you finish week 9 are there any apps that still help you

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Check out the What's next post from IannodaTruffe


Well done... now back on track to get to that podium...after some serious stretching of course:)


Congratulations on your first 5k and first parkrun! Wow, what an amazing time! parkrun can become addictive!


Fabulous! Glad you enjoyed it :-) Fantastic time especially considering how hot it was.

Lots of walking today from me and my son - we were about 5 mins behind you x

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Hi yes it was hot thank goodness for the breeze. Its nice you did it with your son. When I got i asked my son to come with me next time. again thanks for the encouragement and I will definitely do it again probably next Saturday forecast looks cooler. thanks everyone all for your replies 😀

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I'm going for a PB next Saturday so I hope to God it's cooler! It's a great course - 4th fastest parkrun in history was run there just before Christmas!

Lovely if your son does do it too. I like going faster and pushing myself sometimes but my favourite runs are the ones with my son x


Well done, that's a brilliant time 🌻


Hastings is my local parkrun too. The views are amazing and you can treat yourself to a paddle or swim to cool down afterwards. The parkrun is a great way to start the weekend and, along with C25K, has helped so many people get and stay fit. My fastest time has been 31.20 so I might see you near the finish line. Fantastic running, well done 👍

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Hi Lorraine3 the sea looked so tempting but don’t think I had the energy to get down there and back, no towel will be the excuse I’m going to stick with, I may bring one next time. You have a great PB you must be happy with that, so If we do finish anywhere near each other in future I will be the one who’s bright red gasping for air🤪. I’ve got to go back to finishing my C25K it will be interesting to see how I fare running for 30mins alone, I think my time Saturday was just because I was caught up in the occasion of my first parkrun, but I guess this is all part of learning how to run. I will let you know how it goes 😀


Fantastic achievement and you haven’t even finished C25K! No way would I have had the guts to do what you did at that point. Well done!!

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Cheers BrianUK I’m not sure I would have had the guts either. It was down to the good folk on these pages who gave me the encouragement and self belief. Having done the parkrun it’s not quite how I imagined, there are people at so many different levels some run some walk some mix it up there are marshals every few hundred yards giving encouragement and the great thing is you can’t come last as there is a tail walker, So I could have walked if needed. It was my best running day regardless of time since I stated C25K thinking I can’t carry on to run for three minutes. I Find listening to people on this site usually steers you in the right direction as they’ve also been through i

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It. Sorry accidentally hit the send button 👍

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