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Parkrun :)

I hadn't run for nearly a week and was in need of serious inspiration! Was up to w8r2 but I thought Parkrun would give me the kick I needed - it did and I completed my first 5k in 32m 2s - FELT AMAZING!!! Got the bug back well and truly :) Going to work on shaving some time off that - once I've got 5k in 30 mins or less, I'll move on to B210k training (any good?) as got a 10k booked for November - yaaaay :)

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Well done - what a fantastic effort made all the better as you're still on Week 8. Running a Parkrun can certainly help get the mojo back and I'm glad you're back into the swing of it!

B210K (depending on which version) is quite a step up so take it very easy. I just finished a 10K over the weekend in 1:07 and the B210K programme was too much for me (too much too soon) so I pared it back to 2x5K a week and a long run on the weekends (slowly increasing distance)... so whatever plan you choose (and B210K works great for a lot of people) just remember to take it easy!

Concentrate now on getting through C25K (1 more week to go) and then spend a few weeks "just running 30 minutes" three times a week and then start stepping up distances on one run a week would be my advice... you have plenty of time to get to 10K... and at least it'll be cooler in November (assuming you're in the UK of course!).

Good luck! I look forward to seeing your shiny new badge soon!


That makes a lot of sense, cheers! I must admit I'm worried that if it feels too much too soon I might be off put so the easy does it approach will work a lot better for me!


Well done on reaching 5k and a great time too.

I'm similar to Aussie in that I'm increasing my distance each week (did 8k today) and two runs during the week, one being an interval and the other a trail/hilly run.

Good luck with whichever option you choose :)


What (I think) you're both suggesting would work much better for me - with work and small children 2x30 min runs during work-week is doable and a longer run at weekends (although I did love Parkrun!) The key to me successfully following the programme has been the fact it fits in with everything so well so I need to be realistic in how much I can invest to get to 10k.

I am such a run bore now!


I'd still do a Parkrun once a month - they're a great thing to do. No point going crazy with the long runs and a nice Parkrun every now and then will be great for you. You're right about not wanting to get demotivated. When I injured myself it was the worst week ever so just take it easy... we're all beginners and this is meant to be fun... :)

If you can run 5, you can run 10... so just take it slow and easy and increase distance slowly... :)

Above all - have fun and enjoy it... :)


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