1st parkrun done!!

1st parkrun done!!

Well the day has gone well so far! Did my 1st parkrun on a lovely sunny day, there were 125 runners there and i came 115th! 34.54, was pleased with that!

....... it was hard work the worst part came near to the end, my legs and breathing ok but just felt worn out, then the marshall lady said only half a mile to go! so gritted teeth thought positive and made to the end! its nice getting clapped at, they are a very friendly bunch. Half way along my friend noticed that my outside trousers were inside out with label flapping in the breeze, but what the hell couldn't stop now (i blame the washing machine!!) My friend Tracy was suffering from a swollen knee so she said for me to go on ahead, but she and her son finished only a minute or so after me(her oldest son did a time of 19.52, very impressive at 13!)

My partner was also on his 1st parkrun and did a time of 24.52! BAH!! but he is somewhat fitter and longer legged than me so i will let him off!... and he is suffering MORE now where as my legs are not so bad!

Down side was about a min after finishing got strange cramp in lower stomach, and felt a bit faint, so had a sit down. Then off to the arts centre where i work for coffee and cake and to tell my colleagues! they are very impressed ;), and some of them want to do parkrun too now!!

Went for a cuppa with my dad then changed and we went for nice forest doggy walk with George the dog.

So a good day all round and sure i will sleep well tonight! Can't do next weeks Parkrun as working but will try again in 2 weeks....

Happy running and try a parkrun when you can they are good!!

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  • Congratulations! It was great to read this, a park run is my goal, - it's a few weeks off for me. That was a really good time. It must be a buzz. Are there loos handy? I know I'll be nervous and even without the nerves I'm always dying for a wee after my very modest runs.

  • Thankyou! i think there are loos when it is at its regular spot next to a leisure centre, but at the mo the ground is waterlogged so it on a cycle track so no loos:( i'm usually the same in feeling happy if there is a loo nearby, but today i didn't even think about it, strange !! My friends been on about me trying it since the first few weeks of c25k, shes on week 8 now too and has done 11 parkruns, there is no pressure to run all the way and its very laid back!

  • Wow well done! Sounds as though it was well worth the pain! I hope to do one eventually so it's good to read your success.

  • thankyou! yes it was fun and i'm still walking ok, just back from 2nd dog walk as its so lovely and sunny! Give it a go its a fun, relaxed atmosphere!

  • I'm on Wk7 and I'm thinking of giving it a go in a couple of weeks when I'm on Wk8 or am I getting a bit ahead of myself? I'm not sure. I've done a work out this morning of skipping, squats, brisk walking, and Maracattack that I think is really fun! Feeling great. Well done!! :-D

  • Thanks, i def think you should give it a go! My friends been on about me trying it since the first few weeks of c25k, shes on week 8 now too and has done 11 parkruns, there is no pressure to run all the way and its very laid back! Sounds like you've been busy with the exercising! Is that the Miranda dvd, my mum is addicted to her!

  • I did my first parkrun very early into c25k and did a lot of walking - they don't mind how long it takes you. It really gives you a boost

  • Well done Aliboo. It sounds like the standard is pretty high at your parkrun. I aim to do one if and when I can manage 5k without any walk breaks...

  • Yes i think they are a fit bunch!! but everyone is so friendly and supportive they run past you going "well done!", was quite touched when a young lad said that to me as he flew past in the opposite direction! the course is in a loop along a cycle track... And my friend got lots of high 5's from people she knew, her husband has done 101 parkruns now and 2 of her kids over 50 parkruns- what a healthy lot, even her 9yrs old did it in 22 mins last week!

  • Congratulations aliboo I think that was a fantastic time. I can only dream of getting under the 35 mins Today was my 12th park run and I came in at 443rd in 35.44 . Its human nature to compare yourself to friends etc but I now think of it not as a race with others but just that I am out for a run and oh look another 400 or so runners just happen to be there as well. The main thing is to enjoy it -- although of course each week a bit of me (quite a big bit If I' being really truthful) wants to get faster It sounds like you are now a Parkrun convert --- bet you never thought pre c25k you would ever be spending your sat mornings like this

  • Thankyou! sounds like your parkrun is a big one, I'm surprised at my time, didn't feel like i was running that fast but faster than a few weeks back!! Your time is really good too, you're really not far off at all. I think i'd like to try a large scale run sometime! Maybe the great south run (just looked it up its in October!) that would be good, though its 10 miles.......will have to practice lots!!!!!

    Unfortunately i can't do Park run every week cos of work commitments but should be able to do 2 a month at least... as it says on our parkrun newsletter today : when mentioning new runners...

    " I presume that you were all told that, like any Mafia family, once you join, you can never leave"......

    that made my laugh!!

  • What a magic quote -- and rings true

  • Meant to say well done earlier - but hit the submit button too soon. Great time too

  • Thankyou! having a nice pudding as a reward! thanks for your support!

  • NO! NO! NO! DON'T have a nice pudding for a reward.

  • oops! too late! i think i deserved it today :)

  • How fantastic!! I think we are at the same stage but I don't feel ready for a park run yet- scared I'm too slow and just get in the way. I am really enjoying this programme though and never thought I could run for 30 mins. I have booked a race for life in july and hopefully by then I will have gained more speed and more confidence!! Good luck and not long till we both graduate :)

  • hopefully not long now ! well done on your progress, i will have to look up the race for life. i found the 25 mins hard on thurs last week, i think the other runners carry you along at parkrun nd i didn't time myself wanted a surprise when results came through !

  • Hi Aliboo- that's great! I was wondering how you got on and it sounds like you had a super run. Its something I will be thinking about doing soon. Have just got back from W8R1 having had an extra rest day due to being away over the last couple of days. It was hard but I did the 28 mins so I am getting there. Good luck with the rest of the programme and the future park runs x

  • well done ! i'm sure the 28 mins won't be easy, might be running with my friend tues, going to have an extra rest day too !keep on posting so i can see how you're doing !

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