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Motivation or something else?


Hi. I've got as far as week 6 run three. Which I've tried 4 times now.

I can't seem to complete. I don't know why?

I think I've convinced myself that a) I can't do it; b) I've not got the energy/stamina ( I get up early and am out on pavement at 04.30 ) c) my knees hurt.

I've been repeating each week as I was well fat and unfit so it's taken me over 13 weeks to get this far. I don't really want to quit but am losing will power to carry on.

Anyone got any info/advice etc which might help please?

Thank you.

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Hey Stu, first, massive well done for getting this far - you’re doing so well!

Have you drunk enough water the day before your run, made sure you’re wearing correct trainers and, most importantly, slowed your pace right down? Week 6 R3 was the first run I had to do at a much slower pace to the other weeks, because I just couldn’t manage it otherwise!

Good luck and keep at it!!


Well done, as MJ would say “you’re doing really well”. Don’t be harsh on yourself. I agree with Becky1606 , hydration and slow and steady. YOU CAN DO THIS! It is a definite battle of mind over body and sometimes body over mind. But you CAN do it. The weather won’t be helping much. Keep going, don’t give up. Positive thinking, you’ll do it. 😘


You obviously have determination, but sound like you have created a mental block. Do not clock watch, find some other distractions and remember that each run is making you fitter, so self belief is crucial. Pacing is the key. Start slow, stay slow.

You can do this.

Yes indeed. Completed 25 mins run this am. So I can do it


Hi Stu, you are doing brilliantly! Keep going, you can do it!

I think if it were me I would try to find a nice new route, flat as possible......just to be kind to yourself. Sometimes markers from old routes play tricks with our minds.... little blighters! Then as others have said keep the speed right down , try to relax into it. The other thing I do when it gets hard is pick a target a little way ahead, run to that and then immediately pick another target, run to that.... repeat etc.

At this stage in the programme its the mind you have to convince, your body is already ready to do it.

Good luck Stu, let us know how it goes 🏃🏻

Thank you. I ate pasta last night. I have to watch carbs due to diabetes. I was determined to complete this morning and did so feeling not too bad at all to be honest. I reckon I'm covering about 2.2 miles in my 25 mins so I know I can do it. My route is the same as I live In a bit of a valley if I stray off the route it gets steep pretty quick so I tend to stick to same route. I'm not ready to try the uphill routes yet. Onto week seven.


Definitely sounds like a mental block. In addition to not clock watching try a new route so you have none the bad associations with previous runs. Maybe do an out and back? Just run to the half time bell then turn round and run back. That way you don't even have to plan a route and worry about it being too long/ not long enough.


You have done brilliantly and have had a really good journey, but have not unsurprisingly maybe got a tad disheartened... so choose the route you like..relax.

Breathe gently as you start out, slow and steady and then keep it at that!

Look around, take things in.. you know what to do... just run gently and lightly... you can do have obviously got incredible determination and stamina too!

When you have done the run.. 'cos you will...move on... no will do this.. you have already proved this quote... ( I love my quotes) :) by Thomas Edison.

"If we all did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound ourselves."

You are astounding... and we are looking forward to your success post:)


Hi Stu, I know exactly how you feel!! It took me 16 weeks to complete the programme because I kept repeating weeks. Like you, I had pain in my knees, which hubby kept telling me was because I was too heavy to run, but I took it slowly and listened to my body. Please don’t give up because you’ve done so well to get this far and it would be a shame now not to see it through to the end. Perhaps follow the advice from the others here, stay hydrated and slow down (trust me, I put joggers to shame with my slowness!). Listen to your body and take as long as you need to because at the end of the day, you can do it!!


Hey Stu! What a brilliant job so far! Don’t be ashamed of repeats! Repeats says to me you’re a person determined to succeed and who doesn’t give in too easily. You obviously have a vision that keeps you going out there and every time you do, no matter what the outcome, it means you’ve put a piece of that vision in place. Take it very very slowly, you’re creating a new version of you. It’s great to be able to do that and remember every run counts! Glad you were able to share how you feel! Big hugs! Keep going! We are routing for you! I know you can do it!! ❤️

Thank you all. I've done it. Onto next week -which is more of the same. I know I can do it just need to carb up a bit the night before to stop me feeling like I have no energy and thus an excuse to give in.


I ran my 3rd run of week 7 just now and wanted to let you Know you gave me inspiration when I felt very tired at the 10 minutes mark. I just thought if that man stu can soldier can I thank you. Keep going.

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