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What is motivation and where can I buy it ? 😫

Hello guys !! I started the c25k around the beginning of September to loose abit of weight for my brothers wedding which was at the end of September !!

I'd then began to realise I'd bought the wrong running shoes, which was very annoying as I couldn't run as far as I'd like without being in absolute agony, almost like cramp after 5mins of running.

I kept running the c25k 3 times a week until week 5 run 1 then the bad weather came and it was an easier option to stay at home and eat :-(

From around the beginning of January until now I've got some Asics trainers and I'm totally in love with them and I've even signed up for the park run, BUT I've just got to motivation to go running !! (It doesn't help the heaps of revision I've got to do in order to pass my GCSE's in May/June)

I also need to complete the c25k so I can start my 10k training for the York 10k in August.

I am determined to do this !!

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Ooh, I like the idea of being able to buy motivation! However it rather looks like you have plenty of it already, what with the wedding and the parkrun and the 10k. You need some more self control I reckon. Why not set yourself some digital reminders, and get all your kit ready to go at a certain time of day... that sort of thing. I did the C25K while I was writing up my Master's dissertation, and I thought it was quite a good combination (exercise breaks are good for clearing the mind, and the creaky back!), but I appreciate the difficulty finding the time. But, well, it's March now, it's warming up, you've got some nice new shoes, so... off you go!


Just go for it! The hardest thing is getting out of the door. Set yourself some targets and keep track of your progress through the programme. That will help keep you motivated.

The benefits of getting some fresh air and exercise are HUGE - especially if you have to try to sit inside and revise. Schedule your runs into your revision timetable when you get to that point, and I think you'll find that going out for a run becomes your motivation and reward for getting some study done.


Thanks for your support !! I'm going to go for a steady run tonight to get back into it all again !! X


Hiya, I'm looking at Gcses from the other side (my year 11s are just approaching theirs at the moment) and can definitely say it's a stupidly stressful time, but if you CAN get yourself out for a run it will really help clear your head, and that in itself is good motivation.

Failing that, I am currently motivating myself using a sticker chart. As a 28 year old schoolteacher. And it's worryingly helpful. ;)

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I love the idea of a sticker chart! I used them when the kids were small, wonder if it would still have the same impact for my 21 year old ( maybe not!!) 😀


I think combining the programme with your GCSE revision is a great idea. A 30 minute break whilst you are studying will really clear your head and set you up for the next period of study. If you can just get the trainers on and step out of the door that's almost the hardest thing. As you start to progress I'm sure you will feel the benefit and that will be your motivation to carry on. Good luck with the running and with your exams.


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