Strava? Or RunKeeper? Or something else?

Apparently you can get more bounts if you use Strava, Runkeeper or MyZone.

I have downloaded Strava. However, the opinion seems to be divided on the web about which app is better.

While some prefer the Strava's way of telling you your pace at every KM/Mile, others love Runkeeper's training calendar.

What do the experienced ones here think?

I am only using Strava to get extra bounts :-)

Here is my wee plug about bounts:

You can join bounts to get points for doing what you are already doing - walking and running using FitBit or other devices.

Here is my referral URL that will get you and me 100 bounts as soon as you record your first activity:


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21 Replies

  • I used a variety before buying my Garmin, but nearly always returned to RunKeeper. I didnt really get on with Strava and had some fun with ZombieRun (something a little different) for a while. But have to say I love my Garmin and would recommend one to anyone that plans to keep running.

  • Thanks Ross. So Garmin with RunKeeper? or Garmin with Strava?

  • If I had to use one I would choose RunKeeper but I use my Garmin by itself and then use its own system for checking splits etc. But both apps are perfectly usable and I think its probably just personal preference to be honest.

  • I use a Garmin watch which is great for checking distance & pace amongst other things, oh! and also the time? lol, and download the data onto Garmin connect, find it good for me..

  • I use Runkeeper and it is fine for me. Mi have set it to give me a 5 minute and kilometre update. That is really all I need to know but also like to check my speed too. Julie

  • I use garmin with strava.

  • Me too spoonie as a lot of my friends and family use Strava and you can check up on each other and leave a rude comment or give kudos according to your mood.

  • I run with Runkeeper, because it can do intervals easily and also my GPS (non Garmin) watch. I transfer my results to Endomondo, via Tapiriik, because it does a good job of tracking PBs and also fastest distances, within laps.

  • Runkeeper for me:-)

  • Looks like Runkeeper gets more votes then. Free or paid version guys?

  • Hi Ash , you can get Bounts points with Runkeeper , I'm using this at the moment as my Garmin is on the blink ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy.

    At the moment I am getting 60 points per day using FitBit. Looking for my next 60 points hence, looking at Runkeeper :-)

  • Wow ! That is amazing ! Well done Ash , that is a LOT of activity ! :-) xxx

  • Well, bounts does let you get up to 180 bounts a day. I am trying to get as many as possible :-) xxx

  • I was an Endomondo fan, but since getting a Sony Smartwatch 3, I've been using Ghostracer on the watch, that then syncs with Strava (Which then syncs with Bounts!)

    Most people at my running club use Strava, so it's fun to be able to compare runs, and PBs and records and the suchlike...

    I was also a Fitbit user but had problems wearing it for any period of time, so I use the Jawbone UP app on my Phone/Watch and that is also linked to Bounts.

    I assume you're a paid member of Bounts? to get that many points

  • Thanks Steve.

    Yes, I am a paid member of bounts.

    I have signed up to both strava and runkeeper. Strava has already picked up my great scottish run which was a surprise!

    Are you a paid member of strava?

    I know what you are saying about not being able to wear fitbit for that long. Let's see how it goes with time :-)

  • I'm not a paid up member of anything!

    I had an allergic reaction to the fitbit, or at least I ended up a rash/blisters under the strap. I've not had the problem with my Sony Smartwatch.

  • Steve, I use this same combo smartwatch3/ghostracer. but been having issues lately with it stopping when i get to 6km the speed stops. have you had any issues with ghostracer?



  • Apologies for taking so long - It would appear there's a major problem with the GPS in the Smartwatch stopping running if there's either sweat or rain between the watch and your wrist. Sony suggest stopping and drying both items - then setting off running again.

    I'm fed up of the lack of support from Sony, who want me to return my watch to be checked - if it's an out of warranty repair, then i'll be charged a as yet unknown amount - if I decide I don't want a repair done then I'll be charged £14.40 to have it returned.

    You can wear a sweatband on your wrist, with the watch over it, this helps, but a) is uncomfy b) Looks very 1970's ish

  • I'll look carefully next time I run Ben and let you know.

    I have an issue with distance. When I run my usual parkrun course with my Garmin watch it always records it as 4.8 kms, with my Smartwatch/Ghostracer it's always 5.2 kms. A lot of the course is under tree cover and that won't help.

    I tried Endomondo on the watch and on two occasions that just stopped recording

  • I really liked RK but my phone wasn't really good enough and kept stopping my runs... I eventually got a Garmin and never looked back! I think it's far more reliable and accurate, you get your Bounts too. And you get to see what everyone else is doing! I love that!

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