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Going on Holiday to Spain- HOW do I run??!


So next week, I'm going to Spain for 2 weeks. I've completed the first 2 weeks of C25K, but how do you run on holiday??. It'll be wayyy too hot to run where I'm staying, I'd probably dehydrate or get heatstroke. My mum advised me to skip out on it but she doesn't understand how motivated I am to do this. I tried to hard for week 1 and 2 and don't wanna lose my 'streak' for fear I'll never get back to it again and give up. Any advice on running on holiday? I'll have to establish a route too!. Could I substitute for swimming. Sorry! I'm a newbie to exercise so bear with.

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Hi is there a gym we’re your going you could use a treadmill if not wait till the evening then run around we’re your staying


Treadmill in the hotel gym 👌🏽


Yes you can!

depends on where your'e staying look at the map to find the most suitable place to run(eg if beach then promenade, if urban then nearest park, or even quiet districts) and do it. If you are motivated you can! I did week 7/8 whilst on holiday in france and it was hard due to the heat, but I think that week 3/4 shouldn't be too bad potentially. I think the key is to go out early enough, around 6/7am.

Tell yourself you will do it and let your amazing motivation carry you forward. The truth is apart from injury there is no excuse in the world that can stop you if you really want to do it. (:

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BTW on the C25K it isn't necessary to carry water with you. However in the heat ALWAYS make sure you drink enough. Besides from eating a small snack make sure you consume 500ml of water around 30min before your run. then put on some sunscreen and you'll be fine. (:

Thanks! All this advice is so helpful! Thank you!


If you really want to run when on holiday, you're going to have to be up early, soon after dawn and before it gets hot. That will be perfect: quiet, you'll see lovely skies, smell the morning flowers, see the resort/town/village come to life and the benefit will be going to bed early (and not eating and drinking too much the night before).

they way you described it at the end was so heavenly! Thanks for the advice!

I ran when I was holiday in Southern Spain three weeks ago, but I ran with my husband. Do you have someone to run with if so get up early, when its cooler and shadier and run then. Dont worry about completing new runs, keep to the ones you have done, and you can continue the course when you get back - it might be cooler here then too! Good Luck and keep it simple, dont do too much. Also - Have a great holiday

Thanks solo much! Much appreciated!


Eat sensibly the night before, hydrate loads the day before. Run before the sun is too high (after dawn or soon after), slow right down when running. Put some light cap on, stick to the shade and don’t go for too long. If you think this is too demanding then relax, enjoy the holiday and continue on your return. Seriously though, you simply do not want to experiment with hot weather and high humidity so if any doubt simply copy what the local folk do without getting overly adventurous. I’m on holiday in Croatia and not taking current conditions for granted either.

Yes definitely. I always wondered how Spanish people and people in generally hot countries cope with it!

I ran in Malta w4 first thing in the morning day time temp was 34. I agree with other carry water you will be fine.

34 degrees?? Wow! I admire your motivation. Hopefully I will have that motivation too.


I was on holiday in Italy for three weeks and actually did my graduation run over there. First I'd say pretty much what others have said - yes, get up early (you're on holiday, you can go back to bed afterwards if you like!) so that it's cool. Yes, find a place to run that has some shade and little to no traffic. Yes, be REALLY careful about hydration, I think I was drinking double the water would at home. I would add one thing more: you don't actually need to run every second day. I did five runs in the 20 days I was away. Even if you take the whole fortnight to do the three runs of week 3 and go back to 3 a week on week 4 when you get home that will keep the habit going.


Get up really early... really early... it is a fantastic start to your day.. I did in the Dordogne... it was brilliant!


This may make you giggle :)

You can do it... :)

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I’m running in the Dordogne too - around 20c at 7.30 today so not too bad. Love Le Bugue where I’m guessing you were from the description.

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It was..love it..well done you..enjoy..


Is it ok that I feel envy 😊

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I’d be envious too - it is lovely! Mind you, just taking the dog to the lake in the hope of some shade as it’s now up to 28 - phew!


I’m struggling on holiday. Just walking around is tough. Would suggest very early in the morning as evening late at night it is far too humid. Like you, I don’t want to lose my streak on week 4 but I may wait until I’m back 😅

Well im sposed to start week 4 tomorow and was extremely anxious but now ive arrived in moroco and have acclimatised to the hotel grounds i can see running will actually be a treat here

Early morning theres a breeze.security etc my concern was because im a creature of habit and this is different to normal park route but im now feeling positive

Wait till youre there and it will fall in to place

We had a week in Menorca and kept up our running by going out at 6am. It was lovely running beside the sea and Runkeeper let us know how far we’d run. It was warm but not too hot at that time of day. Have a great holiday!


Hi sunny runner! I just got back from 3 weeks in Portugal, and ran a bit less than normal but still got out at least twice a week. It was HOT - over 30C some of the time, but do-able. I didn't carry water but I did stop twice at a water fountain :)

Top tips: 1. Wear a buff, well soaked in cold water, on your head - makes a huge difference, and you can re-wet it en- route if there's a water fountain. You could soak your vest / t-shirt too if it's very hot!

2. Go early in the day if you can - I always intended to do this but I'm a late morning person and always ended up running when it was already hot!

3. Go slower than usual - and enjoy yourself! Running is an excellent way to go sight-seeing.

4. Take your phone and use a running app that shows where you have been. Very useful for finding your way back if you get a bit lost. Also good for taking photos to attach to your running history. Failing that, choose a there and back route in a straight line!

Happy holidays and happy running! xx

I have been worried about this too (going to Italy in a couple of weeks, on W3R1). Some great advice here. I also found this website weatherspark.com/m/40923/8/... from which you can look at the average hourly temperature for different dates. I identified the window between 06:30 and 08:30 as the best running time. Also I looked at plotaroute.com to work out my best route, avoiding hills 😉. We'll see how it goes - all the best with your holiday and your running xxx

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