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C25K while on holiday?


HI everyone - my first post here so hello! I'm currently on week 5 of Couch To 5K and really enjoying it (which surprises me, as everyone who knows me knows that my default position is more on the couch than doing 5K!).

Anyway, I'm looking ahead and it turns out that on week 8 I'll be in Amsterdam and on week 9 I'll be in London. The good part of me is planning runs in the Vondelpark and in Hyde Park etc, but I also know part of me will be thinking 'nah, I'm on holiday'.

I don't want to destroy the momentum I feel I've built up over the last few weeks but if I do end up not running when I'm away, am I safe to repeat week 7 when I'm back? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Hello there. 😀

I had a week on holiday after week 4. Took my running stuff up to Skye intending to run, but then didn't really fancy running through clouds of midgies on the single track roads! It wasn't as if I was back on the couch, though, I did a lot of walking and so on. Came back, went straight into week 5, was fine. Last week I had another week off after week 7 as I had a bit of a thigh niggle. This time I was quite genuinely on the couch. Again, I've gone straight into week 8 with no harm done.

The general advice on here seems to be that you can have up to two weeks off before you start to lose fitness. So you could repeat week 7 or you could go straight onto week 8 and see how you get on. But take your running kit, because you never know. Good luck! 😎


You should be fine to resume where you left off. Last time I was in Amsterdam I wasn’t capable of running for sure 😂

OldflossAdministrator in reply to UnfitNoMore

Ha ha !

Haha, who, me? it'll be a few days full of museums and art galleries (well, maybe....) ;)

UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to John_2510

Gotta try a brownie 😂

I was similar to you John. I looked ahead when I started C25K in June and worked out I’d be away for W7 and most of W8. I was good and took my kit - and I did actually run! I was hooked by that point and couldn’t bare the thought of missing any runs. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

If you don’t run much or at all whilst you’re away, you might even be ok simply resuming where you left off, rather than repeating the whole week. Or just repeat the last run you did. Fitness takes a while to diminish so you should be fine! Anyway, I’m willing to bet you will run on holiday!

Have fun! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️


It is a joy and a great way to explore the local area. Tourist running is brilliant


Run on holiday..tourist running is amazing.. and take pikkies for us too please:)

But is you don't run..just carry on where you left off when you are back.. unless you have had a totally hedonistic time and are too full of food...and hungover:) ( Just joking) :)

John_2510 in reply to Oldfloss

Taking some photos is definitely a good plan!

Another vote for holiday running 😀. In fact my running kit is first thing packed.

Not sure where you live but I’m a country bumpkin and the thought of running in Hyde Park during a few days holiday was too good to miss! Plenty of space but I’ve never seen so many early morning runners - I rarely see more than a couple. Even doing one run on each holiday would be something to look back on. And, as has been said, if you don’t manage to get out and run your fitness will hardly suffer at all.

Definitely take your running kit. You might find you miss it if you don't.


I took my running kit on holiday but it never came out once lol no time , I’d take it in case I came back and straight into the next week no probs


I ran on holiday. Was brilliant! 😁😁

Thank you everyone! I think I will definitely pack my running stuff, and apparently the Vondelpark in Amsterdam is absolutely lovely so that will be a new experience in itself. I think you're all correct, the idea of going 2 weeks without doing it is too strange now!

I’m in the same boat in a few weeks with a beery trip to Barcelona with mates. Although I know I’m never gonna live it down, I’ve already told them in advance that I’m going on a run whilst away and when I’ll be going. I figure, if I set it up now, i won’t lwt anything get in the way, but if I go thinking ‘I might run’, I know I won’t.

John_2510 in reply to Sibennett

It may be a decent hangover cure - that's what I'm hoping anyway!

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