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Week 6 run 3...major disappointment!


Didn’t complete the run! I managed 17 mins and had an incredibly sore knee/hip/ankle. All on the right side (still sore now) It was a bit niggly after run two but thought nothing of it. I walked for a good 8 minutes and then ran another ten to try and run it off.

Anyone else experienced soreness when the longer runs started?

Totally gutted but not going to give up. A day or twos rest then start again. Would you advise attempting 3 again or going back to the beginning of week 6?


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You did the right thing Mrs! Don’t run on if you’re experiencing pain. Have your rest day, drink plenty and go back to complete R3! But be very very slow if you can. It’s not the pace it’s the stamina you want to build. Don’t worry, you can do it, without the pain! ❤️❤️


Poor you. The longer runs do take more of a toll on hour body, but pain is not good. Glad you were smart enough to stop running, a couple of days rest should help. I suggest you carry on with run 3.

Good luck, I hope it goes better next time.


Rest up, stretch well... hydrate well every day too...and head out gently.... if there is no pain you should be fine:)


Maybe it’s time to think about your running shoes, and are they the right ones for you.

Also, to think about how your feet are landing: landing on the middle of your foot, with the foot under your hips, not out in front, for example.

I think most of us have niggles along the way - I certainly have - but with rest and determination, you get back to it as soon as you are ready.


What a coincidence! Yesterday I also couldn’t finish the R3 of week 6 got a stitch pain! A bit disappointed. I’ll try again tomorrow

Good luck! I’m going to try again Thursday!


I started experiencing a bit of hip/knee pain on my right side when the longer runs started. I wear orthotic insoles in my everyday shoes but hadn't been putting them in my running shoes as these have arch support. However, I tried with the orthotics and, touch wood, the pain has subsided, so - in a long winded way - I wonder whether arch supports or some such may assist?

Thanks everyone for your advice! Completed the run today! Feeling awesome!

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