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Week 6 Run 3 - unfinished business :(

Went out today for this run confident I could make 25 minutes, however, 6 or 7 minutes in my right calf started to hurt again, I tried to run it off but it just got worse so just after half way I had to stop and walk home. Really disappointed at the moment, I think I'm going to have to leave it for a week and then try a gentle 5 mins to see if it's OK.

Any other suggestions?

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I am sorry you had a bad run. Sometimes we just have to listen to our bodies. I am sorry I don't have any suggestions other than gentle stretch if it doesn't hurt too much and get dr on the case if it still smarts after a rest. Hope it feels better soon


Hi Andy, try not to let it get you down. We all have dodgy runs, and I have hobbled back a few times. Let your body rest up and get out there again! Sometimes our bodies tell us we need to rest. Just ease yourself back into it so you know if its a longer term problem or just a small glitch :)


Sorry to hear that , it's terrible when something holds you back like that , when you just want to run but the body says no , rest & hope after a few days you can start back . I've had to have 5 day rests a couple of times , what with knees & now ankle . Wishing you a speedy recovery .


Just a thought , do you think a support bandage may help when you run again ?


Hi all, thanks for the supportive messages - I'm told I may have hurt my achilles too, so it looks like I won't be running for 4 to 6 weeks. Lets hope rest helps it recover sooner and I can get back to running. Funny isn't it, 6 weeks ago I didn't run for anything and now I'm missing it already!

Good luck with your running everyone - I'm sure I'll be back


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