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W5 R1


Hello everyone

I was looking forward to today’s run - 3 x 5 minutes. I can do this!

However the reality was a bit different. I went out at 7am, my body was willing but my breathing wanted to go back to bed. I was wheezing and gasping like I was back at the beginning. I struggled with the first 5 mins and just managed the next 2. I thought I’d conquered the breathing so a bit demoralised.

Is this ‘normal’?

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Sounds perfectly normal, some days the body and breathing are less willing than others. The mind was on task, that’s the main thing and so well done you for pushing through it. You’ll most likely find next one easier.


Sounds as if you went too fast. At the start, it's maybe possible for some people to go flat out for 60 seconds and then recover enough while walking 90 seconds to be able go flat out again. However, as the running intervals get longer and the proportion of running to walking increases, flat out running becomes impossible for most of us. You need to find a comfortable pace that you can stay with, even if it is only a tad faster than walking.

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Hi I’m actually running very slowly - I can walk faster than I run.

Same here, but you're still running and it still takes more energy to run it than it does to walk it. Don't be hard on yourself about speed concentrate on time running instead .


I’ve had days where I go out, really looking forward to it, but my body just says no. I think sometimes it’s best to listen to it, do what you can and be happy with that. Even doing a little bit on those days is more than most of us would have done before we started. Don’t worry about it

Well done for completing the run,I completed my week5 run 1 this morning and was struggling so slowed down and managed to finish it , I have listened to what people say about going slower it definitely works, however not looking forward to the 8 minute runs . Keep going you are doing really well


Bad runs make the good ones sweeter! You did it - the next will be easier. Running is a roller coaster 🏃🏾‍♀️👌🏽

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