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What counts as 5k?

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I've just finished week 8 (to my enormous surprise...!) Tracking with Runkeeper and today for the first time my total distance came in at 5.34km, up from 4.79 and 4.88 for the other two week 8 runs. Can I count that as 5k? It includes the 5 min warm up and warm down walks so I obviously haven't actually run 5km. But am I allowed to have a minor celebration?! It could also be that Runkeeper is inaccurate as I was struggling a bit and didn't feel as if I was going faster...

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On my training runs, warm up are included in the distance but my warm down are not. Some don’t start their watch until they start running and some include the warm down. It is a personal choice as you progress with your running. Are you using the gps on your phone with runkeeper? As GPS tend to be more accurate than just a phone trying to track distance like step counters do. After graduation if you really would like the answer then try a Parkrun as they are a 5km and then It would be your choice whether to set the phone off as you start to run after a warm up or replicate your normal run and see how they both measure up.

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Thick you. Yes I think I'm using my phone's GPS with Runkeeper. it's mapping my exact route rather than just counting steps. I don't have a smart watch, just my phone strapped to my arm and I can't really read the instructions on the phone without my glasses so bit tricky to switch it on and off en route ...!

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Sorry Realfoodie. I was trying to type thank you but the spell checker changed it to thick and I didn't spot it. No offence intended!! 😄😄

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I only record the running part. That's the bit that's hard! I can walk all day!! So am still only getting to 4k in about 36 mins. That's fine with me. I will get to 5k eventually!

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FlaraflarkinGraduate in reply to Ang33333


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Ah you're very honest. I'm not sure how far I actually run, and not sure whether am brave enough to find out! Will just concentrate on getting through week 9 for now. Impressed at that 36 minutes, well done!

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You should most definitely be having a minor celebration after each run! 🙌🎉⭐️

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Thank you! Am having one right now in the shape of a nice cup of tea!

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