Runnkeeper - GPS issue

I used Runkeeper for the first time last week and it clocked me at 11K in 32 mins... Not bad, except I was only on week 2 run 2... I know my circuit from home to home is just a little over 4K (warm up and down distance included) but for some reason my initial GPS location was 7K away from where I live.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I was outside in the garden for a while with it switched on so that it could locate the satellites but that obviously doesn't seem to have worked.


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11 Replies

  • This has happened to me, but only a couple of times. One day I managed 18,000k :D I've been using Runkeeper for a couple of months now and usually it's pretty good. I'd give it another go and if it's still not working then maybe try something else. What's your GPS like on other apps on your phone?

  • You can edit the route (move points) in run keeper to fix that. Also switching wifi to "on" also helps phones to get a GPS fix more quickly/accurately.

  • Oh Hi FirinBlanks, have just seen you reply, thanks will try that.


  • Has anyone had it 'pausing' while running, only for a split second? It's never done it before and I've been using it for a couple of months.

  • How do you carry your phone? I find that Runkeeper loses the plot when have mine strapped around my waist and buried under several layers of clothes, but copes admirably when I have it loose in my pocket. I assume my body is too dense (putting it politely) and interferes with the signal!

  • Hi, I have it on my arm in a holder. It happened again the last time I was out. See how it goes today.


  • runningwild, I had that yesterday! For the last k of my run it kept pausing itself and I had to keep resuming it. I gave up in the end. I thought it was my phone though.

    I've also found my phone prefers being on my arm to being in a waist belt.

  • Hmm, strange as I have mine on my arm.I'm sure it paused in the same spot as well when I was running. Will see what happens later.


  • Yep did it again in same place, bizarre! Running on a track round the park, lots of trees but surely that shouldn't affect it?

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the input. Unfortunately due to some truly awful wisdom tooth pain I've not been out for a run since this (I'm off on hols this coming week so figure I can get back up and running - so to speak when I return) but I'll keep an eye on it's performance when I get back.

    I had switched off my wifi before running so I'll leave it on next time and see if that makes any difference.

  • You could also try the iSmoothrun app that will upload to runkeeper too (I use it to post to Nike + as well).

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