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W5r3 Woo Hoo


After putting it off & using every excuse I could think this week I finally got up & completed w5r3 🤗 so happy I managed it, last 5mins I could really feel it but I pushed through. Legs felt like jelly in the cool down walk 🤣. In 20min running I covered 3.25km so I’m def on the right track to 5k. With being only 5ft 2” & small leg strides I was worried I wouldn’t make the 5k by end of program but I’m hoping this is a positive sign of success to come 🏆

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Well done that is a great mental block to of got over, not long to graduation now really.

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Thank you 🤗 this is the only run Iv felt this way and to manage it without stopping has been a great wee boost for me....onto week 6 tomorrow 💪🏼

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