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W5R3 - I did it, woo hoo!

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Managed a whole 20 mins of running (well slow jogging) tonight. First attempt at week 5 run3, I was so worried about it ramping up that much but as Laura says its a mental issue not a physical one. Luckily my head didn't get in the way and even though I got a little tired 8-10 mins in, physically the run wasn't an issue. I just controlled the pace, listened to my music and relaxed. So chuffed right now. I would never have thought I would ever run, let alone complete 20 mins continuous running. Onwards and upwards πŸ˜„

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Congratulations! Completing this run is a big deal, in my opinion. Hopefully you're doing something nice and relaxing now to reward yourself =] Well done once again and welcome to week 6!

lynallaGraduate in reply to yamiskoi

Thank you Yamiskoi πŸ˜„


Well done, congratulations :) We all worried about that run before we did it ;)

I hope you had big silly grin on your face when you finished it :D it is obligatory you know :)

C25K is an amazing and wonderful thing. I so wish it had been around when I was young. So glad I found it. So many people have discovered that they love running when they thought they would hate it thanks to Laura and C25K :)


Yeay.. well done, take it slow and steady in week 6, don't let it phase you :)

Congratulations on becoming a real RUNNER. Laura says :)

Well done


Thanks everyone, feeling good this morning but will bear in mind all the advice about week 6 and not going too fast! Will be walking a fair bit today and using my trigger point roller on my plantar fasciitis that likes to show its face after each run πŸ˜’

I have wk5 r3 to do tonight. It's freezing out there but I know it will be worth it.

lynallaGraduate in reply to MMcD

Go for it MMcD, good luck πŸ€

MMcD in reply to lynalla

Thanks.... the soaps first then out I go. Hope to post after.

MMcD in reply to lynalla

Hi. I did it! and it wasn't that bad. Couldn't have made it this far without my NHS podcast pushing me on. Week 6 starts tomorrow. Didn't even look at it yet. One day at a time seems to work so far. Much happier person now.

lynallaGraduate in reply to MMcD

Fantastic , well done you. Congratulations πŸ˜„

Well done, it's a fab feeling isn't it.

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