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W1R2 done


Phew, got up at 6 and straight out of the door. Took it a lot slower this time and so apparently my heart rate was slower and I burned less calories but I still ache from Thursday's run so thought it'd be better to take it slow from the start.

Feeling optimistic about it - was nervous last night at the prospect of getting up and out early in the morning but it was better than I thought.

Just a bit nervous about the prospect of more running in week 2!!

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Well done! I do 6am runs too it’s very quiet in my local park at that time which I like - so peaceful

Ahh brilliant! You’re smart slowing it all down if you’re feeling a bit creaky!

You’ll surprise yourself with W2. Your body will have been prepared for it by this clever programme!

Enjoy your running and keep reporting back here so we can see your progress! 😀👍🏻🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️


Don’t worry about Week 2. You’ll only be running for 9 minutes instead of 8. Trust the programme: you are getting stronger and each week you will be able to do runs you couldn’t have done the week before because you are getting stronger. It’s not designed to be easy but it is designed to be achievable.


Running early is great - much fresher & fewer people around. You’ll be fine for W2 - this programme builds you up gently - before you know it you’ll be a runner🙂

Thanks All! Looking forward to Monday's run!!

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