Wasn't feeling it this morning when the alarm went off at 6.15. Legs were still aching from R1 . But i got up , quick cup of tea, yoghurt drink and some stretching and was out in the early morning sun. Beautiful day here on the Isle. 5 minute warm up walk to the sea front then off i went. Was a lot better than my legs told me it was going to be. I'm finding the first part of the run the worst. According to my Garmin i went 20m further than R1 so i'm happy with that. Even got nods of recognition from other joggers this morning!


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  • Well done! I'd love to run by the sea. It must be beautiful on a day with good weather. I'm on Week 2. It's tough but if it wasn't we'd all be super fit and super thin! Keep it up :)

  • Thanks ellou51. Yes im very lucky to live here. It's probably easier to get up and out than it would be living in a city. We do get quite a few windy days being on the coast so that will be a challenge when it arises!. Agree with you, if it was easy then everyone would be doing it. Keep going. :)

  • Legs tend to chat with the gremlins when you're looking the other way, so well done for defying the little ratbags and getting out there anyway - and double brownie points for running early in the morning, because the only place my legs are interested in going at 6.30 a.m is the coffee machine.

  • haha yes i know what you mean but after work i'd find it even harder to get out. By the end of the day all i feel fit for is lounging in front of the tv. I'm determined not to give up even when my legs are telling me to :)

  • I have a feeling I'll have to come around to early morning runs soon - the temperatures here will be too high for evening runs soon (today they're going up to 32°C...). However, my definition of "early" may differ from yours. :D

  • Give it a try. Seems to be a lot of runners around here doing the same thing. Definitely much better than running in 32C! . Temp here gets quite high in the summer sometimes too. I may run some evenings in the winter but for now the morning suits me much better.

  • I cant run in the evening either, tried it, failed, gremlins got me about a mile in. Switched back to 5 am (Mon, Wed & Fri) and have no issues at all.

    Good luck Paul with week 2.

  • Thanks. 5 am. Thats impressive. I go out at 6.30 at the moment but i guess it'll have to be earlier as the distances get longer.

  • Well done you😊the weather is SO much better today! Bet it was lovely down cowes and you still get a couple of hours to recover before work! Treat yourself to a nice coffee now 😊

  • cheers Ali. Just had one. Even had fruit for breakfast. Unheard of!. Trying to eat more healthy food. There is a danger i might get into this fitness lark!

  • Excellent stuff! I had kiwi, banana, pineapple and melon! Cuppa now! 😊

  • Pear, Kiwi and Strawberries :)

  • Im impressed! ☺

  • Down Cowes! I miss that accent, I can hear it now!

  • haha, it's a great accent. Unfortunately i'm not a "Caulkhead" so i don't have it :)

  • I am but I don't - lived there till I was 10 but my folks had Surrey accents so I talked like them!

  • That was lucky. I'm not sure life would be too easy on the "mainland" with a proper isle of wight accent. :)

  • I emigrated to Sussex - they talk a bit funny there too! Cambridgeshire now - no pretty accent here :(

  • It's better than the west country or wales . I can't understand either of those accents. And geordie

  • Looks like my new recruit is getting enthusiastic, ! 😊

    *a lady at mums home said yesterday..."island born and island bred, strong in arm and thick in head!"

    But that's not referring to you! She was talking about her posh mum and how she didn't turn out like her!

  • haha ive never heard that one Ali. Love it!

  • That was Eileen😊! Not the smoking one!

  • Does everybody still walk around in sepia and very fast? Is there always a piano playing in the background? My memories of the IOW was it was like going back in time :)

  • haha, it's not quite that bad. It is maybe about 20 years behind the mainland but we are getting an ASDA next year :)

  • I can remember when the Ross freezer centre opened in Newport and it was SOOOOOOO exciting! My mum bought a big chest freezer and we were the talk of our street!

  • I remember that place. You wouldnt recognise newport now. Town centre is all charity shops and poundland/99p type outlets.

  • Just like the two towns either side of me! I have to drive 25 miles for a decent shop these days. Saves me loads of money though :)

  • Nice one paul. Sounds lovely, apart from the early start! I'm an owl.

  • Thanks :) . I guess we all find whats best for us. I just know id find it very hard to get motivated in the evenings.

  • Well done Paul !

    Keep going , you're doing great !

    I am seriously considering changing my evening runs to morning ones, I bet you feel all set up for the day now :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy, yes, i thought it might tire me out for the day but actually i feel quite good when i go to work now. More awake than i used to be anyway! :)

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