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Apple Watch - run without iPhone - podcast solution found AND a question about the C25K podcast without music


The Problem

Hi - about to start Week 5 on Friday. Apple fanboy with Apple Watch (bought a few months ago to motivate me back to fitness) and iPhone 7.

I’ve been trying to work out how to leave the iPhone at home and only wear the Apple Watch out with me, whilst still listening to Laura telling me when to walk/run.

The Solution

I finally found an app called ‘Outcast for Watch’ or just ‘Outcast’. Podcast downloads can be managed entirely on the Apple Watch and you can add podcasts directly in the app by searching and selecting episodes you want locally on the Watch.

Take note of the instructions, especially around control of volume and playback (basically use the ‘Now Playing’ app).

If, like me, you have been searching for a way to listen to podcasts whilst running without toting the iPhone around with you, you will be very happy! It is worth every penny (and more) of the 99p. Here’s the link:

By the way, the app transfers podcasts via WiFi if you disable the link to iPhone (put iPhone in ‘airplane’ mode) which is really quick, especially if you’ve ever tried transferring songs to your Apple Watch via Bluetooth overnight - awful Apple, just awful!

Anyway, I hope my research can help other Apple Watch users leave the phone at home.

A Question

However, I have the NHS C25K Week 4 and now the 3 Week 5 podcasts ready to go BUT the only C25K podcast I could find anywhere has the lovely Laura’s voiceover with terrible royalty free type music. Does anyone know where I can get a podcast feed of Laura with no music, just her voiceover like the Couch to 5K app has? Please?!

Thank you

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Hi Phil, I think Laura is one of the coaches you can select on the nhs Oneyou c25k can play your own music with these I understand.

in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Bluebirdrunner, yes I have got the app which is great, but you can only listen to that from your phone unfortunately and I was trying to not bring the phone with me at all. :-)

in reply to philmabs

Ah, sorry phil..I missed the point..😣we only had the podcasts when I was doing the plan.. forgot you need a phone for the app.😊xx


I have never heard of that existing - it's the podcasts with the music or the app, as you know, without! Which means for now you might need to keep the iphone with you. OR, you might be able to find someone who can fiddle around with the levels on the podcast to turn down just the music? No idea if that would be possible with the podcast recordings :). Your best bet is to see the music as what it is - a training tool - if you hate it that much consider it good discipline to put up with it :P

just occurred to me, perhaps you can make your own recording by recording from the app into a music file?

in reply to icklegui

That’s a thought, thanks icklegui. Bit of a faff to re-record but a good suggestion thank you!

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