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First Post Graduation Run

Tomorrow will be my first post graduation run without Laura. I’m a little nervous, my first Day at big School. I intend to do 30 minute runs for the next Month. Then I will be back on here seeking advice about what to do next.

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Hi Running59 :)

I'm also doing my first post-grad run tomorrow morning (planning to be out at 6 to avoid the heat!!)

I'm planning to start JuJu's 10k plan - hopefully around September.

In the meantime, i'm planning to do a shorter interval run, and 2 x 30 minutes each week :)


I will run early about 5-5.30 am

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That sounds very sensible. It's good being off the leash, but a bit puzzling for a week or so. Mix it up, have some fun, there are loads of options.

Best not to take on ju-ju's plan until you're fairly nearly that 5K mark - doesn't matter about time, but it's distance that you'll be chasing now.

Happy running!!


Thank you sallenson - I did my first parkrun on Saturday in just under 34 mins - so i'm hoping that the 30 minute target is within reach (but not in this heat!).

I'm also heading abroad soon where it will be even hotter so will need to run on a treadmill for the first time - which i'm not really looking forward to :/


I hate treadmills - they scare me and make me want to fall over :-)

Sounds like you're all set and good to go.

Have a great break, have fun and see you when you're back xx

Time isn't the big deal on ju-ju's 10K plan. It's distance. But it sounds as if 5K is well under your feet now xx


😂🤣 yes that is pretty much how I feel about treadmills but the forecast is showing minimum temp of 25 degrees in the middle of the night so think i'm gonna have to face the fear (or die of heatstroke)!


Thanks for the advice I will follow what you said


Good luck! Avoid the heat! 😎


I felt the same! It is a bit weird. You’ll be fine though. Good luck


I will be doing 1st post graduation run tomorrow was thinking of using the steeping stone pod cast. Would this be recommend or should I go it alone x


My first post grad run will be 30 minutes


Stepping stones are brilliant 😃👍

It’s very hot so just take things steady. You could just run free, with no plan, while it’s so scorchio 😤😃


For my first graduation runs I replayed R3 on the app as I was not quite ready to leave Laura behind and if the run is still 30 minutes it is essentially the same as W9.


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