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First post graduation run

Evening All,

Went for my first post C25K graduation run this evening. It was cold and wet and dark but I still got out there. It felt very odd not having Miss Millican with me for company but good too. I'm such a chicken about running in the dark that I just ran through the village for 15 mins then turned round and came back again.

Loving my new badge though and am wearing it with pride ;)

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Proud of you.. 15 minutes...chicken or not.... wow!!!!! :)

The badge looks amazing! :)


Well thank you. I rather like it myself x


Well done 👍🏼 I really enjoyed my first post grad run. I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m going to treat myself and replay WK9 with Mr Smooth urging me on..... I’ve missed him 😢 so I’m really looking forward to catching up with him again 🤣


Thanks. I may give him an outing too as so many of you like him :)


First of many freestyle runs to come, well done

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