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W5R3 - I bloody did it!


After a week in work in a hospital masqerading as a greenhouse, covering 4 wards on my own, and with a beeper that would probably survive a nuclear war (it has been dropped so many times and still keeps rattling away!), i was not convinced i could manage this one.

But i did it! No-one is more surprised than me, but i ran 20 minutes straight! Not bloody bad on a reconstructed knee!

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Massive well done you!!!!

Slow and steady into the longer runs!

Boo43Graduate in reply to Oldfloss

Yes I did slow down. Did it on the treadmill at a steady 7.1k pace. My usual is around 7.5 - 7.8 pace but i'd read lots on here about taking it slower and heeded the advice! Just pleased the knee seems to be holding out after a blip in week 2 and a displaced knee cap!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Boo43

Well done!

So many f us with knee issues at the moment... must be the season !

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