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W5R3 I did it! I did it! I did it!


How jubilant I feel on completing W5R3 I could honestly not believe it was my body running today! The anxiety I felt prior to todays run was quite considerable, but I pushed though and did it. Its Thrilling. Originally I started this plan to help me lose weight but after no weight loss what so ever, what I am gaining in positivity and stamina is far outweighing my original goal. My goal now is to complete C25K and keep on running.

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Fantastic! Welll done! it is amazing, that jump up to 20 minutes that we all think we wont achieve, but by the power of Laura, we do! Iam with you totally on the weight loss. I hope by shifting focus on to body shape and wellbeing, the weight will come off later, when Iam running for longer lengths. At the moment Iam on W7 and can really see the health benefits now. I actually bought Runners World too. Its getting serious! :)

Good luck for the rest of the programme and keep posting! :D

jillysis in reply to hollyO

Runners world.. now your getting Pro!! Good on you.


Congrats jillysis, welldone! I'm so happy for you and so encouraged. I struggled with the end of w2r3 yesterday and have to convince myself I can really do it, but when I read blogs like yours I feel the miracle can happen. Good luck with your goal!!

Oh, and no real weight loss for me either - can't have it all I guess, but, you're right, who cares if we can run?

hollyOGraduate in reply to Nevertoolate

Exactly :D


I remember that lovely feeling, well done you


Well done, jillysis!!! :-) :-) It's the most amazing feeling, isn't it??

Regarding the weight loss, do take a look at my recent blog 'Weight loss started....' cos it didn't happen for me for ages but nowI'm on my way!! Please take heart, just keep running, and it will happen! Also Andystev has posted on this ('Let's talk about weight') - in fact it was his comments that gave me hope and helped me press on regardless......so do check him out too.

juicydeeGraduate in reply to juicydee

Here's the link - it was a while back and may be hard to find otherwise: couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...


Well done you - brilliant, its looming over me as I'm on week 4 but you have inspired me! x

jillysis in reply to Barney019

I was worried about week 5 before I had even done week 4!! Week 6 here I come!

Thanks Juicydee. Time will tell!

Hey Jillysis that’s great stuff! I did that one today too - and I was also dreading it! It ended up being easier to complete than I’d imagined so I now actually feel I will be able to get to 5k eventually. Keep on running! 😊


Well done I know how you feel I completed this run today too.

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