Couch to 5K

follow up to cream crackered

thanks to everyone for their help and advice , after i was crying over wk3 lol [what a difference a day or so makes] . so, today starts off with early start and late finish and i got home about 2330. after wingeing about wk3 i gets the mad notion to get into my togs and have a crack at day 1 of week 4 [really , i should be sectioned under the mental health act] . so acting on everyones advice i really do try to slow my pace down , as 1 of you said its just a slow walk with a slow jog . couldnt believe the difference , didnt know i could jog so slow , though it felt more like a shuffle lol .

5 min warm up and off i go dreading it to be truthful. but HEY , i completed the 1st run of wk 4 and its the 1st time i give the how i feel rating at the end 4 stars , not because i felt i performed better than i thought i would, but just that i done it and the sense of satisfaction , pride , what ever you want to call it well im typing this out and feeling quite smug and very satisfied. hopefully ill be singing the same tune come thursday or friday NOW THE MUSCLE ACHE FEELS WORTH IT

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Yay! Well done, crazy late run mind...😳😀


Late run, great run!!!

Well done you for heeding the advice... :)

It may seem silly, but by taking it steady, you can progress injury free and having had fun.. your stamina does build up with each run, the disciplines of the programme, help with this, all the different run times and pace and pattern. Then gradually, you will be aware that you are going faster...( even though snail motion is absolutely fine.. I know !), your breathing comes easier and you are covering more ground in a comfortable manner.

Then.. after can build on your skills and choose, speed, distance or neither.. because you will be making the decisions :)


The metal health bit... well... we are all hooked and all a bit loopy anyway :)


You literally can't go too slow with this programme in order to succeed in getting to the 30 minutes running. Fortunately you have realised this early, well done and good luck with the rest of it !!!


Well done. I too didn't realise how slowly you could run (not aided by being a sprinter in my youth). I learnt the hard way when on the last run of week two I hurt my calf muscle with 2 runs to go. I was determined to finish, but my leg hurt so much I had to hobble verrrrry slowly - and found I finished and wasn't so breathless! So week 3 I kept slow, and it was easier than week one. I've now completed week 5 (week 6 starts today) and almost enjoy the slow jog round the fields - though the legs still ache. The advice and support on here really helps!


Congrats, you've done it. I found week 4 a real stinker, mind you, and it's taken me three weeks to get through it, repeating the runs every time until I feel I've cracked it. Keep up the good work. And don't worry - we're all a bit crazy.


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