Thinking about giving up?

So I finished the scheme about three weeks ago and was really despondent. I actually ran for a about 37 minutes but only covered 4k and walked the rest. I've only been able to run once a week since then because of life commitments. Every time I run I feel like I am about to die (from about 2 minutes on) and I am soooooo slow. I'm never sure that I will be able to finish. In two weeks, I start a very intensive course and will only be able to run on Saturdays from then on. It's very cold and dark outside and I have no motivation to go at the moment. I don't have a gym, just a Curves, which I try to go to as much as possible but feel like I am becoming more and more unfit every day.

The original plan was to do the couch to 5k scheme, become confident at running 5k (!) and then decrease down to just the park runs on a Saturday. Should I a) just give up? b) just run on Saturdays? c) temporarily give up and start again in January, after my course has finished?


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15 Replies

  • I understand that life can get in the way but you have completed the programme and have come so far so DONT give it up now as you might regret it come Jan. I personally feel that even if your running once a week that is better than nothing, also it will mean that when you get to Jan and have some more free time you won't be starting from square one letting all those weeks of hard work go to waste!

    It really doesn't matter about distance what matters is that your getting out the door. Everyone is different and everyone is aiming for different things. So please don't worry about time and distance. The idea of this programme is that your off the couch and any run regardless of time and distance means you are doing exactly that. Your off that couch!!

  • Well, any exercise has got to be better than no exercise and it really doesn't matter a fig how long it takes to do 3 or 4 or 5k so long as you are out there doing it so don't be disheartened about speed.

    Motivation is much harder when the light and heating get turned off outside, but I suppose it really depends on how much you don't want to get back on that sofa and face that restart later. I can't speak from personal experience (yet!) cos haven't done a Parkrun, but if that is what you can fit in then that would be so much better than nothing at all. Sounds like there are lots of different levels of runner there so just go for it and let that keep you ticking over until the end of your course?

    Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

  • No don't give up Nauscaa - we won't let you. Sometimes life just gets In the way and it all starts to feel just too much and you start panic thinking I won't get everything done. First of all you sound you are going to be really busy with course and ONLY going to be able to run on Sat Well that's great and so much better than no run . Why don't you take pressure off yourself ( we all guilty of expecting us to be superman/ women) and think of Sat run as time just for you . Don't worry about speed or distance just say I am going to run for 30 mins - or whatever suits you - and go out and enjoy . You say you are soooo slow but my advice would be to go even slower so you don't feel you are going to die (apart from first 5 to 10 mins when most of still really struggle with and question what on earth are we doing !!) Use this sat run to relax and get away from all thought of your course you will feel so much better for it - promise you. In Jan you could add another run and slowly build up your running again if you want. Try not to worry about the weather It can actually be quite liberating running when everyone looks miserable all wrapped up against weather. So deep breath , relax , slow down and enjoy You can do it and just pop back here for support whenever you need it

  • It sounds as though you are going to need to find *something* to help you through this intensive course - and in completing NHS C25K you have given yourself a tool so you have that option of running. You might find that it you think about it differently, you'll really look forward to your weekend run - just 30 minutes any old pace. Or you could try some other form of exercise - likely something you do at home given your circumstances. You might find that would help support your running when you get back to it if you aren't able to run every week.

    At the moment, it sounds as though your biggest problem is not believing in yourself as a runner and feeling that you have to reach a certain standard for anything to 'count'. It all counts!

  • Why would you want to give up on all the hard work you have invested in yourself? This is not about sticking rigidly to a plan for the rest if your life it's about empowering you and giving you the tools to make a choice.

    Me time is a very precious commodity in today's world so I say take it whenever you can get it. And I am sure curves have treadmills to get you through the dark damp nights.

    Enjoy what you have when you have it, I'm sure what ever decision you make will be the right one for you.

  • Definately think you should run on Saturdays. Another vote for ignoring distance for now - just decide how much time you can spend and to out for that. 20 minutes ? 30 minutes ? Maybe a wee bit longer, but don't overdo it and injure yourself either.

  • Don't give up !! temporarily or otherwise. If you can only run on on Saturdays. Do try and keep in touch with the running because it will be easier than starting all over agin in the new year. Plus, it sounds as if you are being very hard on yourself and you will only feel worse if you stop completely....and hey ! 4K in 37mins is FAR more than most people can do. I agree with the others short runs just for fun may be what you need to keep you ticking over. You're not the first person to feel a bit down after graduation but hold your head up high, you are a runner.

  • A run a week is still better than no run. I hated the cold wet dark weather last year and cut back to a couple of runs a week (probably no more than 30 mins each time) for quite a while but just doing a bit did not reduce my fitness. I did a 5K in January and found it was a new PB so was really chuffed as I had not really been pushing myself for about 2.5 months.

    Do try to keep doing a little (no matter how slow) as graduating from C25K is such an achievement,

  • It would be such a shame to give up. Think of all you've already achieved. You've graduated, you are a runner, you will have improved your fitness & changes your shape.

    I would do the Saturday runs if that is all you can manage for now, that will help keep things ticking over for jan. I would though think about what other really short runs (5 to 15 mins) or exercises you might just be able to squeeze into you day so you feel like you're not stagnating too much. Maybe running up the stairs, walking instead of driving, any short bursts of activity really. But I appreciate that at times this isn't always possible.

    You could think of some indoor activities for the winter months, swimming or exercise DVDs in the comfort of your own home. The Davina ones are good & you can choose sons nice short routines to fit in with your schedule.

    Good luck with whatever you decide & with your course. Life had a way of throwing these curveballs at us. You did C25k for a reason. Remember what that reason was & hold on to it, find a way to keep running as it was obviously meant something to you to get this far. X

  • I was going to say the same marly - some exercise at home for the odd half hour which may present itself. I love my stepper and rowing machine - I got them cheap and second hand, and they come out on days when I can't or don't want to run. A good walk in the lunch break is also great for clearing headfuzz, and is great for releasing those endorphins.

  • Please don't give up , you have come so far, think of the reasons why you started this.

    Even if you just run on Saturdays , I am sure you would feel the benefit, the stresses of the week would just melt away in a big puddle of gloop.

    Good luck with your course xxx

  • We all come at this for different reasons and want different things from it. I am not a natural runner and I have found it very difficult. But I have found a way it works for me. I run for 1km the walk a little and do that for 5km runs. I have been building up for a year but I was determined not to give up and I have juggled everything around until it suits me. There is not hard and fast rule about what is right or wrong with this it's about what you want to do, that fits in with you. At the end of the day we all want to be fitter and I honestly beleive that I am doing it my own way. Play around with shcedules and run walks until you find something that suits you. As long as you are off the couch that has to be the main thing.

  • Loads of good replies here, hope you will find a solution that works for you and that you can keep active, agree with others that exercise is a great stress buster. :-)

  • You won't give up. You made a life changing decision to do C25K. Running once a week, regardless of standard is most definitely not giving up. 95% of the population that are capable of doing so do no sort of physical exercise at all - that's giving up.

    It gets difficult at 2k? Ok, so put aside the time it takes to run, say, 2.2k and run that at a comfortable pace. Build from there and come back here and tell us about your progress. We are your personal fan club after all and reading about everyone else's triumphs, no matter how small they may seem are a genuine inspiration for me and pretty much everyone else I imagine. Oh, and don't forget, this is not a race unless you want it to be.

    Cold outside? Yes. That's true and it won't get any better for several months, but I dont know about you but it's only about 2 minutes into a run and I'm already toasty. Finally, I understand your point about a challenging lifestyle, but the good news is that your not alone there either. I've no idea if it's approriate for you, but I have a 75 minute commute and a 12 hour day most weekdays. I genuinely don't feel like running in the evening when I get home, so I set the alarm early and hit the road at first light. I get exercise, some peace and quiet and 30 minutes to plan the day ahead while I run, then its back for a shower before heading off to work. I don't try to break records, I just go out and jog, nice and easy.

    Come on now, you completed C25K and that says volumes about you. Hit the road on Saturday, set yourself a modest target and tell us about it. You know you want to!

  • Don't give up think of home far u have come. So you can't run 5k who cares. U must keep goin. I wish I could. I fractured my ankle 2months ago and can't run or do my sport I usually play still.

    Keep thinking of what u could do before u did c25k, do u want to go back there?

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