W3 done!

Whew! Ran this morning round the park which I found a bit harder than the treadmill but so much more enjoyable. Took everyone's advice and slowed down after stupidly running the first 90 seconds up the biggest incline in the park. I won't make that mistake again! Thank you for all your advice and encouragement - 2 days off before tackling W4. Can't wait!!!

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  • Running outside definitely lifts the spirits, doesn't it? Well done on nailing W3. I've just started W4 and found that slowing down is the key to those longer runs!

  • definitely prefer outside as well, glad you are enjoying it!

  • The weather certainly helped; not sure how I'll feel about running in the rain. At least I'm thinking ahead!

  • You'll love it! Running in the rain is just the best - just you wait and see!

  • Running outside is definitely better, even for the mood! Run slowly! It's very important... And Enjoy your 4w! πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»

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