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W3 Done!

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Week 3 completed today. Thursday I start Week 4 & I’m not sure I can run for 5 minutes, it’s a big jump -eek!

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I felt like that! Did W4R1 today. Nearly gave up after the first 3 minute run thinking I could never do five minutes (never in my life) and then I just thought I'd go for it & I did it & all the other runs too. You'll be fine. You've come this far. You can do it.

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Well done! Hopefully I’ll do!

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You can do it! I always find that the first few minutes are the hardest and I think I can’t do it, but if you can push through that initial feeling, you can surprise yourself what you can do!!

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Aimsey in reply to GemmaTakeTwo

Ah,that's really interesting and shows we're all different. I normally start off well and think I'm going to get through this ok, then my legs start aching and breathing becomes more challenging and my legs feel like jelly and I wonder how I will finish the session! Away for a couple of days but I'm doing w4r1 later in the week.

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I thought that on week 1, then the step to week 2, and this week 3 scares me too... but you get there!

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Maybe58Graduate in reply to DaveB46

I was scared of Week 3 too as increase to 3mins run from 90secs seemed too much. But the whole run goes very quickly. Just run slower and it helps. Good luck with rest of Week 3!

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DaveB46Graduate in reply to Maybe58

Slow is definitely the word 😁

Love the running just struggling with getting my breath wk3 run 1 done but dreading the two other runs this week !

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Maybe58Graduate in reply to Bondyruns

Yes, the breathing is harder to control but by run 3 it did seem a bit easier. I’ve tried Laura’s suggestion of breathing but I can’t do it. So I’m just going to ‘breathe’ my way and let it sort itself out.

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Nobody ever knows whether they can do something that they have never done before until they try. Give it a go and trust the plan that has got you this far.

You might find this helpful healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Believe in yourself and you will be fine.

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Maybe58Graduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you. I can’t imagine having the breath for another 2mins. I’ll just take it slow and if I have to walk a few seconds that’s ok. The next run I may be able to keep going!

Hi ive just joined the forum and loving everyone’s honesty and positivity! I’ve just completed run 1 of week three. I thought I had managed to regulate my breathing, even if it was slightly faster than the coach recommended. However what made this weeks runs difficult was thinking I could listen to music at the same time! I kept unconsciously changing running pace and breathing rhythm to time with my music! This left me terribly out of breath. Think I’ll carry on running in silence until my breathing regulates and I develop a rhythm! Esther in Yorkshire.

Ps I heard about this new craze called ‘plogging’ Where you pick up litter as you run. It’s astounding how much litter you see in the hedgerows. On our local country roads I wouldn’t even break into a jog through constantly picking up cans and bottles!!

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