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W3 done

I braved the rain once again, albeit I was searching for an excuse to stay in. All this week I have struggled to finish the final 3 minute run (though did on each occasion) so again while getting slower and slower I was telling myself that I would repeat week 3 so that the last bit wasn't such a struggle. However, when I finished I saw that I had done the best time all week. So realising that there might be a time I have to repeat a week that time is not now (fingers crossed) and I shall put my trust in Laura and myself. So five minute non-stop running here I come.

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I'm at exactly the same point in this programme.

I shall be doing run 1 of week 4 tomorrow. I would be lying if I said I wasn't anxious about it. I just can't imagine that I can run non-stop for 5 minutes, let alone do it twice!


I will wait for your blog tomorrow when you tell us about your success then I will follow your example. No pressure. lol


Well done you, you have done better than me on Week 3 as I haven't been able to complete any of the final runs on D1 and D2 :( if i can't complete tomorrow i'll repeat until i can.

The thought of 5 minutes is totally scary haha.


I have finished week 3 too starting week 4 tomorrow. I am also a bit scared about the 5 minute runs. It's not the legs. It's getting enough oxygen into the lungs! I am sure that wee can do it though. Good luck.


I agree the legs are willing but the lungs are gasping. For me the approach tomorrow will be slow and steady

Good luck for tomorrow - we can do this.


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