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W5r3 can I do this. Really!!!

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Just ran w5 run 2 and physically manage but am dreading how I'll mentally do 20 minutes. Have been reading the post and am inspired. I k ow I should believe in the programme and to be honest can not believe how far I've come. Any words of advice :)

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Go for it what’s the worst that can happen? Do not let any negative thoughts in- if you decide you can do it in your head then you will do it no matter how slow you have to go, good luck x

I was feeling that way this morning but have managed the W5r3 and it wasn't that bad...I put my favorite running songs on, kept it slow and steady and just focused on one foot in front of the other - you can do it!

(Admittedly 6 hours later my body is aching in all kinds of ways!)

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Thanks x. I know it will be more a mental break through. I've got 2 days till it comes up so in that time I'll hopefully talk myself around xx. Thanks for the advice x

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I should have done w5 R3 yesterday but haven’t been well over the weekend. Not sure when I will get out there again - still not quite right. Worried that the few days off will make it even more impossible to do 20mins 😱😱

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cashddGraduate in reply to Mollymot

I hope it goes well for you x

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Do believe in the program cashdd, I admit I was a bit nervous and dreading the third run of week 5, however, once I completed that run, I felt very relieved and happy that I had ran it, believe in yourself, yes, you can run 20 minutes without any problems.

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cashddGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thank you. X

I was really apprehensive and couldn’t see how I could possibly make such a jump, however, echoing all the excellent positive advice on here - Slow and Steady is the way. It was hard, don’t get me wrong but it is doable - and you will feel so excited after. Go for it - you can do it - good luck!

Mind over matter. Youve got this 👊🏻☺️

You can do it!

Push on slow and steady 😊 until you want to give up and then go slower than slow but keep moving 😊

Its not a crime to repeat weeks but having got this far, you will do it!

Happy running and keep posting! X x

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