Hope I can do this!

Today I'm about to start week 3 and can't believe I can now run for 90 seconds, let alone one day run 5k! Just keeping the faith in the program, as it seems to be working for lots of people. Lost a lot of weight last year (5.5st) and only dreamed I'd ever be able to run, and this year is all about the fitness. Haven't run for about 30 years though, so it's an odd feeling! Did anyone else never think they'd be able to do it?!


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  • No-one hereabouts believed they could do it! Most of us were fresh off the couch, overweight and unfit. I think that's fair to say (to howls of protest from my fellow couchers. LOL)

    Keep progressingly steadily through the runs, keep running slowly, and you'll Graduate at the end of the 9th week with no dramas and no injuries. Follow the programme and listen to Laura (apart from the bit about breathing through the nose and heel striking!) Ha ha

    Enjoy it and let us know how you get on

    Now you've dropped a lot of weight you should have a new spring in your step. That's how I felt anyway after losing just over 4 stone

  • HOWL!! HOWL!! I believed I could do it because I read this forum and all sorts of folk, who were way more unfit than me, were constantly writing in utter disbelief that they had graduated.

  • I'm only a couple of weeks ahead of you, but give it a week and you will be thinking 'I can't believe I thought 90 seconds was long!' It is testament to the program... It isn't easy but does work.

    I remember thinking that when lying in bed in the morning the extra 5 minutes lie-in I gave myself went in a flash, but on a run it feels like an age!

    Just keep thinking positive thoughts. Your mind controls your body, so if you believe you can do it you will!

  • Yes! I found running for a minute really hard not long ago, and last week I did 20 minutes without stopping. In Week 6 now and amazed how far I've come. I think my only trick is just not to put any pressure on myself about speed. If I'm 'running', but hardly moving, that's fine, as long as I keep going!

  • Yup I think an awful lot of us felt like that! I just got back from 7k. It's nuts!

  • Yes you can! If I can anyone, anyone, anyone can! I'm 60 in October, I hated PE at school etc.....

    Keep going!

  • Thanks for all the positivity! I will keep going, no matter how slowly, and get to 5k THEN worry about the speed! :) Every week brings quite an amazing sense of achievement. Love it!

  • I started this, hadn't run for years, late 50s, overweight.... Just completed week 5 run 3 without difficulty, when at the beginning of January I thought week 1 run 1 was going on forever. Trust in the programme and good luck, it really does seem to work. don't worry if you are slow, I do it really slow but am feeling the benefit.

  • Yes you'll do it. Follow everyone's advice and take each run slowly. This forum will keep you motivated so keep posting and tell us how you're getting on. Well done on the weight loss and on getting to week 3 here! Fabulous.

  • You lost all that weight? Fantastic! You remember how hard that was and how much discipline that required? C25k is hard at times, but nothing like the incredible feat that you've already managed. I also lost a lot of weight too - not as much as you, but the great thing is that sensible eating combined with regular running is a great way to maintain your weight.

    Of course you can do it!

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