Can I really do this??!!!!

Well, today I started week 8, I knew it would be tough but from the start it was unbearable!! I felt so tired and my legs were not wanting to work properly :(

I had to stop at the top of a hill (first time ever) and feel like such a failure. I did complete the 28 minutes but I had absolutely nothing left, Knackered was not the word! When will I start to feel like a "proper runner" and not a beginner, all red in the face and puffing like a good un???

I thought that by now I'd be sailing through each run with energy left at the end , SUCKER!!!!! Sorry, just feel a bit dis heartened :(


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15 Replies

  • Awww Pat!

    Its just a bad run... the next one will be very different!

    You've defied the odds already by getting as far as you have! Lots of people have given up way before this point, and you've only got 5 more runs till you 'graduate'!

    Keep on running and be kind to yourself!

  • Aw thanks, felt awful today so thank you for the encouragement :) xxx

  • It happens, that is being a proper runner!

    Mine are all like that at the moment like dragging a bag of spuds around. I do find swearing copiously at myself helps a bit and when it doesn't at least makes everyone else in the street look away in a slightly embarrassed manner from the tourettes bloke in the flourescent shirt :-D

    I am holding on to the hope that one day it will all be heroic slow motion runs along the beach to a stirring soundtrack !

  • trouble is I think that we keep making things more difficult for ourselves by going further and faster. Bet you wouldn't be red faced if you went back and did week one again! Its progress I tell you!

  • Oh Greg that did make me laugh :) I often swear at myself under my breath perhaps I should start doing it out loud !!! I quite often swear at Laura too when she tells me I've done 5 minutes when I'm convinced I've done at least 14!!! I hope Wednesdays run is better, I looked like BEETROOT when I got home! ;)

  • I think Laura must be used to being sworn out...i do it alot in exactly the same circumstance as you. I'm sure her clock must run slower than mine!

  • Even though you found it hard, remember you did it!!! That PatButcher is amazing and you should be proud of yourself! Don't beat yourself up as we all have bad days & I'm sure the next run will be better.

    Also, just have to add you are a proper ran for 28 minutes!

  • awwww - sorry to hear it was so tough Pat - I'm right behind you, so you've got me worried!!

    I'm amazed you're running up and down hills!! I can only run on the flat :-)

    I hope your next run's better - keep at it, you're nearly there!

  • Chin up love you can do it!!

  • I do wonder about re-doing week1, just to see if I find it any easier now? lol.

    And yes I too swear a lot at myself, and poor Laura, and I find myself singing along to the dodgy tunes as well.

    Remember - you are really pushing yourself to the limit, doing runs you never even dreamt of before (ok, the odd nightmare running away from the boogieman/exboyfriend etc). You are doing brilliantly.

    Pat, you are exactly where I was last week, enjoy your rest day tomorrow and you will be amazing next time - its what happened to me, and it'll happen to you too.

  • 28 minutes of running uphill and down dale sounds like a proper runner to me. Don't be so hard on yourself, slow the pace on the uphills and maybe shed a layer if you haven't already. Good luck with the next one, you know you will be fine.

  • Aww Patbutcher, don't worry, the next one will be fine, this seems to be a thing that happens a LOT! I was half way through my first week 9 run a couple of days ago, and suddenly felt WEARY and SICK and HEAVY and generally ghastly, as though I just couldn't go on, but I did force myself to, and I ended up blubbing through my not-at-all-brisk warm down walk. So I was rather dreading today, but I went at a nice sedate pace all the way through, and managed it fine and even enjoyed it! You are so nearly there - you KNOW you can do it, you've done great to get this far, AND you do hills! I turn round at the first hint of an incline! Betcha the next one'll feel easier....

  • THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!! I feel more able somehow to do better tomorrow, think that's down to all of you , so thank you all, dear running freinds :) xxxx

  • The exact same thing happened to me last week on my week 8. It was awful and I actually felt like completely giving the whole thing up. Keep going thought - be determined and think about how you will feel when you have finished wk9!

  • Thanks Helen, Going to do run 2 this afternoon....GULP! x

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