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Can I actually do this!

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Hi everyone, have only just discovered this community. I have completed week 1 and starting week 2 tonight with my friend. My lungs are the size of tea bags! I really struggle with my breath and really do wonder that I am going to improve because of how hard I found week 1. Onwards and hopefully upwards! What a great place to visit and read how supportive people are and the encouragement given :o)

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You will be fine! I found every week hard, but gradually you run further and for longer, and their are so many positive benefits to be had from running. Just take it really steady, you can do it in your own time, repeat weeks if you need to. This is a great forum and everyone is so supportive and helpful, so keep checking in on here and let us all know how it goes of course! Remember take it steady, take your rest days and do your stretches, but above all just get out and enjoy it :-) x

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Hi April, to quote Bob the Builder , YES WE CAN ! :-) Welcome to the board, yes it is very supportive and full of advice and encouragement . I know how you feel about your lungs, mine nearly abandoned me at the side of a road one night, BUT, this programme is amazing , it works and is very do-able . Don't worry about speed at this stage , just take it slow and steady, its all about building stamina and mentally and physically preparing you for the weeks to come .

So , deep breaths, smile , enjoy it ! Good Luck ! :-) xxx

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Slow and steady, slow and steady, slow and steady....... The c25k mantra. As long as you follow Laura's instructions you will succeed. It's been said lots of times before but 9 weeks is a guideline not a deadline. You can repeat runs as often as you feel you need to before moving on to the next run. Very very best of luck.

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It took me many weeks to get past week 1! If I can, then you can!

Good luck

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to helcl

I was the same - decided it would just have to be a 9 month programme for me... and then never had to re-do another run. I tried going back to Week 1 after I graduated - still hard!

That's really interesting. I am just about to start week 6, but I was thinking that when I've completed this I might go back to week one and try and run faster. I want to get fit to do short bursts of running and recover quicker, as I do agility with my dogs. I found week 1 hard, but I'm getting on OK now, will be interesting to see how I feel when I go back to it! :-)

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GoogleMeGraduate in reply to Andreagetfit1

At the time I graduated they weren't quite available but there is a suite of NHS C25K+ podcasts for graduates and one of them focuses on speed.

Dog training is an unsung workout!

Yes you can! I can't add to what others have said. Take that advice, don't worry about speed and your lungs will improve with each run. Well done in getting out there!

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You can and will do this. Lungs are like muscles and become more efficient the more you work them. Running is hard, but C25K builds up gradually - and there are thousands of us now who can attest to the success of the programme. Nice and steady - keep us posted and come back here for support when you need it.

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'Yes!!' Shouts everyone at once! And they're not lying.

Keep running and keep posting :)


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Yes you can... most of us thought we couldn't... and we did! And we'll be here to help! Go for it!

Hi there and welcome. You will hear so many people say YES you can. As has been said slow and steady, take everything at your own pace, if your not happy or feel your pushing yourself too much repeat a run. I took over 13 weeks to do the program. It's all about finding the pace that your body likes. Once armed with that information anything you do with running is possible with training.

Well done -you can do it!!! you will see the improvement as you move through the weeks for sure :) welcome to the forum!

Yes you can do this!

I had to repeat week 1. I was in some pain, very out of breath and deeply embarrassed but for some reason I stuck with it. The pain eased, breathing got easier and I decided being embarrassed was something I could live with in exchange for the extra stamina. It is worth it, more than that I am finding it fun which is probably the most surprising part of the whole thing.

Thank you all for the responses. Great advice and nice to know that people have felt the same as me

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YES you can do it!! Ancient Mum is right slow and steady and don't worry about how long it takes, i am on attempt number 3. Everyone is great here so they will be able to help you and we will be with you every step of the way. Good luck for week 2 !!

Yes you can. You Can. You Will. And what's more, you'll find so many good side-effects, you'll wish you'd done it sooner. I started in April, a few weeks after my 60th birthday, having never willingly run before in my life. Week 1 Run 1 HURT - and I could hardly walk for two days. Run 2 hurt, but I recovered movement in 24 hours. Run 3 hurt, but I was better in 12hrs. And so it went on. My brain gained even on the first day when my bones wanted to scream. It's only 12 weeks, but already I don't recognize myself - I feel so much healthier in so many ways. Yesterday (3rd week post-grad) I can honestly say I enjoyed the running itself for the first time. And the support of this forum has been a huge part of keeping me going. Now, whenever see people in running gear, I find myself thinking "I wonder if you're one of us?"

PS - don't try to go fast - it isn't necessary, and can be very destructive. Listen to Laura.

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As everyone has said, yes. Anyone can do this programme, because you are in control. If you need to repeat a run, because you can't complete it, then repeat it until you are confident. The structure is superb. If you can complete a run, you will be ready for the next one. My only concern is running with someone else. You are going to have to run at the rate of the slower of the two of you, which is not a problem, except that the faster one will not be developing as fast as they could be. Solidarity is great but most of us find that our running is an intensely personal and individual pastime. Bear it in mind.

Welcome and good luck. You will do it.

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I know that I'm not the only one who thought they were going to die on week 1. But honestly, if you follow the programme, follow Laura's instructions exactly, you will be able to run for 30 minutes in 8 weeks time, lungs like tea bags or not (except by that time your lungs won't be like tea bags and you fitness will have improved !!!) Promise....

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Just to add to the enthusing: YES YOU CAN -and WILL - do it! There will be times where you'll wonder if you can do it, but have faith in the programme as it really really does work. Every one of us here has our own story about how it worked for us and how it changed things for us and soon enough you'll be adding to the list. Take it nice and steady and you'll be progressing before you know it. Keep at it and keep us posted - and good luck!

Yes, yes, yes. Like everyone says, take it easy. It's a run, but it's only ever a race if you want to make it one. There's no pressure. Do come back here and tell us all about your progress, both the triumphs and the....other days... We all have them! You're not on you're own and as you can see, we're all very quick to offer encouragement, to inspire and to be inspired by the efforts of others, novice and graduate alike.

Good luck!

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YOU CAN! Simples :-)

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Bob the Builder and President Obama both got it right when they said "Yes, You can!!" If those two excellent role models say you can. And if you want any more evidence look no further than this site and all of us who had the same doubts but......yes, we did. And so will you. Go for it!

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